WWE Raw & ECW House Show Results – 1/2/08
Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Jay sent this report in:

hey guys its jay i just got home from the ft.lauderdale house show here are the results

opening match
Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi kingston

Kofi wins via trouble in paridise

Cryme tyme vs miz and morrison WWE tag team championship match

Miz and morrison retain

Matt hardy Vs Jack swagger for the ecw championship

Matt hardy retains via twist of fate

Cm Punk Vs William regal for Intercontinental championship

william regal retains via punt to the head

santino marella comes out and challenges anyone in the back to a match and boogeyman appears and santino runs away

Beth Phoenix vs melina for the wwe womens championship

Beth Phoenix retains

HBK and Rey mysterio vs Kane and Mike knox

the best match of the night in my opinion rey with a double 619 and shawn with sweet chin music to end the match and get the 123 on kane

Main event

John cena vs Randy orton for the world championship

this match was very interesting as a randy orton spit on a fan and was blowing kisses at his wife and it got to the point where the fan was trying to climb the barricade and sunrise pd had to take him down.there was 5 cops and they still had a hard time holding this guy back from attacking orton..now back to the match it went back and forth until cena had randy in the stfu and they orton got the ropes then bam a RKO but cena kicked out and turned it into a fu and there iss the match

cena wins and retains via fu

3.Cm punk
4.Rey mysterio
5.kofi kingston

1.randy orton
2.William regal
3.Mike Knox
4.Dirk ziggler
5.Miz and morrison