WWE Raw & ECW House Show Results – 1/3/08
Location: Lake Charles, Louisiana

Andrew sent this report in:

Hey this is Andrew from Louisiana, just got back from the RAW/ECW House Show in Lake Charles (my home town) and I’ve seen the results you have up for the 1/2 Raw Show in Fort Lauderdale Florida , and it’s the EXACT same results for this show even down to the Cena vs Orton finish. It’s like they did the exact same show (with the same finishes) here (in Lake Charles) as they did in Fort Lauderdale.

1. Kofi Kingston d. Dolph Ziggler

2. John Morrison & The Miz d. Cryme Time

3. Matt Hardy d. Jack Swagger

4. William Regal d. CM Punk

Santino Marella came out and cut a promo and challenged anyone and the Boogeyman came out and slammed him and then Worm’d him as Santino then ran away.

5. Beth Phoenix d. Melina

6. HBK and Rey Mysterio d. Kane & Mike Knox

7. John Cena d. Randy Orton