CZW returned last night to the ECW Arena before a small, but enthusiastic crowd that got one helluva show top to bottom. In a lot of ways, it gave fans the feeling going home the feeling they should have gotten from Cage Of Death.

Dark match
Lil Mondo, LJ Cruz, Tyler Veritas, and Jon Dahmer defeated EMO, Eric Aronofsky, a wrestler doing a Samoan gimmick whose name I could not catch, and Rob Tapp.

Main show

  • Joe Gacy and Alex Colon defeated Team AnDrew by pinfall after the old school “heel Irish whips babyface partner 1 into babyface partner 2” finish to set up what appears a split-up of Sumner and Gulak as Summer walked out post-match on Gulak.
  • Sabian defeated Adam Cole in a surprisingly good match. Cole more than held his own in the ring
  • Carter Grey defeated Egotistico Fantastico. Fantastico got an ovation and a “please come back” chant. So should have Carter Grey. He pulled out some incredible spots.
  • B-Boy defeated Ruckus in another good match that seemed to bring out the fire in B-Boy
  • Sami Callihan defeated Greg Excellent in a Last Match Standing match. Toward the match’s end, The Best Around’s music hit and distracted Greg Excellent (hope this is going somewhere as it seemed kind of random), followed by Callahan bewating the crap out of Excellent. Excellent semed to have hurt his hand blocking one of the chairshots as he left the ring with a swollen and bloody hand.
  • Brain Damage and Deranged defeated H8 Club in a sick panes of glass and barbed wire boards match. Nick Gage bled like a stuck pig. Post-match, Nate Hatred announces a Fans Bring The Weapons rematch for next month’s 10th Anniversary show.
  • Ryan McBride defeated Pinkie Sanchez to retain the CZW Junior Heavyweight Title Title. Postmatch, Drew Blood ran in and left Pinkie and Blackie Sanchez laying with sick-looking piledrivers, including an electric chair piledriver and a tombstone piledriver. Blackie Sanchez got stretchered out post-match.
  • The main event ladders and scaffold match saw Drake Younger defeated Devon Moore to retain the CZW World Heavyweight Title. The pinfall occurred after a sitout death valley driver off the scaffold (high enough that Younger could touch the rood of the ECW Arena) through two tables. Post-match, Younger was taken off, obviously dislocating his shoulder.

    CZW returns to the ECW Arena on Valentine’s Day, February 14 for the promotion’s 10th anniversary show with Brain Damage/Deranged vs. Nick Gage/Nate Hatred in a fans bring the weapons match and the return to CZW of Eddie Kingston