The Undertaker vs Roman Reigns Results

No Holds Barred Match
The Undertaker vs. Roman Reigns

Jim Ross has joined JBL and Michael Cole to call tonight’s main event.

The bell rings and JR notes that this match is No Holds Barred. Undertaker dumps Roman Reigns out quickly and yells, “This is my yard!” Reigns tries getting in again and Taker again dumps him to the outside saying it is still his yard. Reigns with right hands and clotheslines Taker over the top rope. Taker launches Reigns shoulder first into the steel steps. A loud “ROMAN SUCKS” chant starts up. Back inside, Reigns with a samoan drop on Taker. Back outside, Taker with a big right hand and headbutt. Taker is sent face first into the ring post. Reigns then catches Taker with his drive by dropkick on the ring apron. Back inside, Taker and Reigns exchange right hands. Taker with snake eyes and a big boot combo to Reigns. Taker drops a leg, covers and Reigns kicks out. Taker catches Reigns with a big right hand near the ring apron and starts clearing off the announce table nearby. Reigns with a jumping dropkick that sends Taker flying backwards. Taker with a chokeslam on Reigns over an announce table at ringside and it doesn’t break. Taker starts clearing off the Spanish announce table at ringside. Taker stands on that table, moves to the middle table and Reigns jumps up giving Taker a spear crashing through the Spanish announce table! Reigns is up first and returns to the ring as we see a shot of Taker sitting up at ringside. Back inside, Reigns with repeated right hands to Taker in the corner. Taker with a Last Ride on Reigns from the corner. Taker had some problems lifting up Reigns. Taker grabs a steel chair at ringside and then catches Reigns with a big boot once back inside. Taker cracks the steel chair over the back of Reigns a few times. Reigns quickly rolls out. Taker rolls out. Reigns is back in and Taker follows. Reigns catches Taker with a Superman. Reigns catches Taker with a second weaker attempt. Taker with a chokeslam on Reigns over a steel chair. Reigns kicks out. Taker has Reigns up and connects with a Tombstone Piledriver. Reigns powers out. Taker can’t believe it. Reigns attempts a counter into the Tombstone. Reigns isn’t able to hang on. They try again and fail. Reigns instead props up Taker and hits another Superman. Taker kicks out. Reigns catches Taker with a spear. Taker with Hell’s Gate applied on Reigns. Reigns breaks free grabbing on to the ropes. Taker reaches for a chair. Reigns stands on top of it. Reigns cracks it over Taker’s back and goes to work hitting Taker repeatedly with it. Reigns is telling Taker to stay down as he cracks the chair over his back again. Reigns with a spear, cover and Taker kicks out yet again. Reigns catches Taker with another spear, cover and Taker keeps kicking out. Reigns can’t believe it. Reigns with another Superman. Taker sits up, but falls back over. Reigns is tell Taker not to do it. Reigns hits the ropes once, twice, a third time and then catches Taker with a huge spear. Reigns covers Taker to get the pinfall.

Winner: Roman Reigns

After the match, Roman Reigns heads up the ramp and a huge fireworks display goes off.

We see a shot of Undertaker laying down in the ring. A loud “THANK YOU TAKER” chant starts up. Undertaker slowly sits up as we see highlights from the match leading to the finish.

Back live, Undertaker has his leather jacket and hat back on. He is turning to each side of the audience inside the stadium slowly. He teases getting out of the ring, but returns to the middle. Undertaker removes his gloves and throws them on the mat. He removes his jacket and places it next to the gloves. Undertaker removes his hat and places it on top of the jacket and gloves. It would appear this is the last we’ve seen of The Undertaker at WrestleMania. Undertaker leaves the ring and heads up the ramp.


  1. Here right now watching the undertaker, applauding him with tears in my eyes. Thank you undertaker. Thank you for giving FAR more then you got thank you for giving your all. I am pissed Roman one but I am happy to see the unwavering dedication has.

  2. I’ve been a WWE fan since 1997 and there’s not been a superstar that has kept me hooked like The Undertaker. His presence, mystique, aura, ability to command respect. He’s truly a once in a lifetime superstar. Fans instead of complaining about Reigns going over, let’s celebrate the legacy Taker has left and the memories he’s left us with. #ThankYouTaker

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