RAW Tag Team Titles Ladder Match Results

WWE RAW Tag Team Championships
Triple Threat Ladder Match
Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson (c’s) vs. Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs. Sheamus and Cesaro

Before the match starts, The New Day walks out and interrupts. Big E says this ladder match has now become a fatal four way. Woods says one more team will be involved. Kofi Kingston wonders who this fourth team could possibly be.

The Hardy Boyz music hits. Matt and Jeff Hardy are here!

Matt and Jeff Hardy with poetry in motion early on The Club. Matt and Jeff take out Cass with a double suplex. Jeff with Whisper in the Wind on Sheamus and Cesaro. Loud “DELETE” chants in Orlando. Matt has a ladder and is clearing house. Jeff has a ladder setup and is climbing. Luke Gallows breaks it up with Karl Anderson. Anderson and Gallows take out Jeff with a ladder as well. Cesaro gets his ankle caught in the bottom part of the ladder and eats a big boot from Cass. Cass clears house on both Matt and Jeff with big boots. Enzo and Cass prop a ladder up in the corner. Gallows and Cass sandwich The Hardy’s with ladders at ringside. Cass launches Enzo over the ladders into Gallows. Cesaro with a big uppercut on Enzo. Cesaro Swing on Anderson as Sheamus throws forearms to Gallows. Swiss-19 on Anderson by Cesaro. Brouge Kick to Jeff who falls to the outside. Enzo tosses Gallows and Sheamus off a ladder. Cass has Enzo on his shoulders going up a ladder. Gallows breaks it up as Cass is sent into a ladder in the corner and eats a Brogue Kick. Cesaro catches Enzo with an uppercut off the ladder. Twist of Fate by Matt on Gallows. Anderson tosses him out. Anderson is climbing up the ladder. Matt with a Twist of Fate on Anderson off the top of the ladder! Jeff is going up a tall ladder and Jeff with a Swanton Bomb off the ladder over Sheamus and Cesaro! Back in the ring, Matt climbs up and pulls down the titles!

Winners and new WWE RAW Tag Team Champions: The Hardy Boyz