A video package runs focusing on the rise of Daniel Bryan in WWE.

Back live, Stephanie McMahon is standing in the middle of the ring. She introduces “the most powerful man in WWE”, WWE COO, Triple H.

Winner Advances to the Main Event
Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan

Another cool entrance from Triple H this year sitting on a throne with gold chain attire. Huge reaction for Daniel Bryan during his entrance to the ring.

The bell rings and here we go. Triple H is smiling as the crowd continues to show support for Bryan. Triple H extends his hand early for a handshake. Bryan kicks it away and goes for a roll up early for a two count. Bryan with body shots in the corner and Triple H dodges a kick to the head bailing to the outside. Bryan is now extending his hand smiling at Triple H who is recovering on the outside. Bryan drops Triple H again with a dropkick and headlock takedown. Triple H quickly counters Bryan connecting with a shoulder block. Bryan is back with another headlock takedown. Bryan with uppercuts. Bryan with elbows, body kicks and Triple H breaks it up. Bryan avoids a shot to the steel ring post and dropkicks Triple H to the outside. Bryan follows this up with a jumping DDT to Triple H on the floor. Bryan goes up top, flips and takes out Triple H at the ringside area. Back in the ring, Bryan goes up top and gets crotched. Triple H clears off the main announce table, jumps up with Bryan and drops his arm/shoulder off the side with force. The referee starts the count when Triple H returns to the ring. Bryan rolls back in the ring at 7 and Triple H is back on the attack.

Triple H is working over the left arm/shoulder of Bryan pulling back with force. Bryan fights to his feet connecting with body shots. Triple H with a knee, charges and Bryan pulls down the top rope as Triple H falls to the outside. Bryan goes for a suicide dive and Triple H catches him with a big right hand through the ropes. Triple H puts the arm of Bryan behind his own back and drops his lower back off the ring apron with a modified back suplex. The referee starts the count. Bryan slides back in around the 9 count. Triple H applies a crossface chicken wing to slow Bryan down and to work over his arm/shoulder once again. Triple H drops Bryan down and locks on the Crossface. Bryan is able to crawl and reach the bottom rope. Bryan with rights. Triple H with rights of his own. Bryan takes Triple H off his feet with a flying forearm. Bryan with kicks to the chest. Triple H breaks it up. Bryan with a german suplex into a bridge for a two count. Bryan hangs on and connects with a second into another two count. Triple H counters a third attempt and attempts another chicken wing. Triple H instead dumps Bryan over his head with an overhead suplex. Triple H gets another two count.

Both men are up top. Bryan connects with a sunset flip into a powerbomb on Triple H. Bryan with repeated shots to Triple H in the corner and Triple H explodes with a huge clothesline that drops Bryan. Triple H goes for a Pedigree. Bryan counters into a cover for a two count. Bryan catches Triple H with a huge kick to the head. Bryan is up top, jumps and Triple H gets a knee up catching Bryan on the chin. Triple H has another Crossface applied on Bryan. Bryan is trying to pull himself to the bottom rope. Bryan tries to counter out and Triple H keeps it locked in. Bryan flips Triple H on his back and gets a two count. Bryan counters and gets the Yes Lock applied with two fingers. Triple H gets to the bottom rope to break it up. Triple H falls to the outside. Bryan is back up, hits the ropes and connects with a suicide dive on Triple H. Bryan jumps back in and connects with a second dive. Bryan with repeated kicks to the chest of Triple H. Bryan tosses Triple H back in, goes up top, jumps and connects with a huge missile dropkick. Bryan favors his shoulder during the landing. Bryan flips up, kicks to the chest of Triple H and connects with a huge kick to the head. Two count.

Bryan is firing himself up in the corner. Bryan charges and Triple H catches him with a big spinebuster. Triple H with a Pedigree. Bryan kicks out! Stephanie is shocked at ringside. Triple H can’t believe it. Small package by Bryan for a two count. Triple H props Bryan up in the corner and drops some right hands. Triple H gets Bryan ready for a second Pedigree, Bryan counters into a pinfall for two, Triple H keeps the hooks in, Bryan is dropping down to block it and Triple H drops knees to Bryan’s head to break it up. Bryan counters a Pedigree and connects with a kick to the head. Triple H avoids another kick to the head. Bryan connects with his flying knee to the head. Bryan covers Triple H and gets the win!

Winner and advancing to the main event: Daniel Bryan

After the match, Stephanie McMahon gets in the ring and slaps Bryan a few times. Triple H attacks Bryan, drops his arm over the ring apron, grabs a steel chair and connects the chair with Bryan’s shoulder. Stephanie mocks Bryan who is in pain. WWE staff check on Bryan.