WWE Smackdown results 6/4/15

WWE Smackdown Results
June 4, 2015
Houston, Texas
Report by: Dustin Holland

WWE: Then. Now. Forever.

Jerry Lawler, Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips on commentary, building up hype for Money in the Bank on June 14th. Just 10 days away.

We start out with scenes from Elimination Chamber showing how Rollins pushed the referee under a flying Dean Ambrose during the match. With the referee down, Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds and gets the pinfall and the win after another referee comes down from the back. We are then shown the moment where the original referee declares Dean Ambrose the winner of the match but it is by DQ and Rollins retains the World Heavyweight Title. Ambrose takes the WWE championship belt and then leaves through the crowd with Roman Reigns leaving Seth Rollins shocked.

Seth Rollins’ music hits and he makes his way to the ring. He explains how he doesn’t need anybody to help him to win the Money in the Bank Ladder Match against Dean Ambrose, continuing with his feelings from Monday Night. Rollins claims that he is the Greatest WWE World Heavyweight Champion of all Time.

We then hear Dean Ambrose on the big screen interrupting Rollins. He says he can’t remember Rollins doing anything on his own even when they were Shield Mates. He tells us that he is walking in to Money in The Bank with the Championship Belt and is walking out with it after he wins the Ladder Match in two weeks.

Rollins is fuming in the ring as Dean Ambrose’s music hits.

Commentators provide a preview for tonight.

* 3 Way Tag Match to determine #1 Contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championship: Lucha Dragons vs The Prime Time Players vs The Ascension
*WWE Intercontinental Champion Ryback vs Stardust
*NXT Championship Open Challenge by NXT Champion Kevin Owens
*Kofi Kingston vs Neville
*Tonight’s Main Event: Roman Reigns vs Sheamus
*Also Tonight MIZ TV w/ special guest Lana

The Prime Time Players music hits and they make their way to the ring.

Up next is a Three Way Tag Team Match to determine the #1 contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championship.

-Commercial Break-

3 Way Tag Team Match to Determine the #1 Contender for the WWE Tag Team Titles
The Ascension vs. Lucha Dragons vs. The Prime Time Players

The match begins with Darren Young and Sin Cara. The two lock up in the center of the ring. Kalisto and Sin Cara use dome great team work and take it to Young. Kalisto is in and covers Young for a two count. Young counters and is up. He hits a leg drop on Kalisto and gets the pin for a two count. Viktor tags himself in as Kalisto lay on the mat. We see New Day watching on a monitor in the back. Konnor and Viktor are out on the mat and The Lucha Dragons fly through the middle rope with double suicide dives taking out The Ascension.

-Commercial Break-

Back from the break, we are in the ring with Konnor and Kalisto locked up in the ring. New Day continues to look on from the back. Kalisto goes on the offensive now and is trying to tag in Sin Cara. Viktor takes out Sin Cara sending him to the floor off the apron. The Ascension double teams Kalisto and in comes Darren Young to break it up. Kalisto is back in the ring and going for a move when Titus tags himself in and takes out everyone. Titus is almost rolled by Viktor but counters with a huge slam in the middle of the ring 1..2..3.

Winners and new #1 contenders for the WWE Tag Team Titles: The Prime Time Players

We are taken to the back where we see Renee Young with New Day cutting a promo and making fun of The Prime Time Players. Kane interrupts and explains to New Day that The Prime Time Players are now the number one contenders for the WWE Tag Team Titles and will face them at Money in the Bank in two weeks. He also tells Kofi to prepare for his match with “The Man that Gravity Forgot”…Neville. Kingston looks upset as we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

Back from the break, we see “auditions” for the Sonic Shake Nation with various WWE Superstars promoting Shakes for Sonic.

Ryback’s music hits and he enters the ring. “It’s Feeding Time!”

WWE Intercontinental Champion Ryback vs. Stardust (Non-Title Match)

Ryback and Stardust lock up in the middle of the ring. Stardust rolls away getting himself out of harm’s way quickly. We are told by commentators that this is the One Year Anniversary of the creation of Stardust. Stardust takes down Ryback and takes it to him with a series of kicks to the back and body. Stardust covers and gets a two count as Ryback kicks out. Ryback then catches Stardust off the ropes and hits a Spinebuster. Stardust tries to rally but Ryback hits him with a Meathook Clothesline. Ryback marches around with Stardust on his shoulders and hits the ShellShock for the 1..2..3.

Winner: Ryback

We see Paige walking in the back as we go to Commercial.

-Commercial Break-

Paige is welcomed to the ramp by Renee Young. Paige is talking about The Bellas. She claims that they have ruined the Diva Division. She claims that many Divas are being held back due to their shenanigans. Paige says if you don’t like the world you live in, you have the power to change it. Paige then promises to change the world herself.

We then see footage of Luke Harper in the back along with Erick Rowan. Harper says that it is time for “The Reapers” to make everyone pay for their sins. Harper and Rowan are back together as “family.”

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial we see footage from Elimination Chamber where Kevin Owens defeated John Cena.

The NXT Championship Open Challenge is next up with Kevin Owens mocking the John Cena United States Championship Open Challenge. Owens says he will show his son what it means to be a real man after he beats John Cena at Money in the Bank in their rematch. He says he has been feeding kids garbage for ten years. He says someone needs to step up and put an end to the lies. Owens says he will show the World what a Role Model and a real man is.

Zack Ryder accepts the challenge. WOOO WOOO WOOO! You Know It.

NXT Championship Open Challenge
Kevin Owens (c) vs. Zack Ryder

Ryder makes his way down to the ring. The match begins with Owens taking it to Ryder. Ryder hits Owens with an elbow in the center of the ring. The match then heads outside the ring as Owens rolls out. Ryder and Owens scuffle on the floor and both men reenter the ring. Owens off the ropes is hit by a dropkick from Ryder off the top rope. Owens is up and catches Ryder. He throws Ryder into the ropes and hits him with the Pop Up Powerbomb. 1…2…3.

Winner and still NXT Champion: Kevin Owens

Owens isn’t finished as he hits Ryder with a Cannonball, rolling into the corner, smashing Ryder into the post. He then sends him to the ropes and hits another Pop Up Powerbomb. Owens stands tall in the ring with the NXT Title held high.

We see Sheamus backstage and he says he will have no problem handling Roman Reigns in the Main Event and he will capture the Money in the Bank Briefcase at the PPV. He mocks Reigns and says “Believe That”

-Commercial Break-

Kofi Kingston vs. Neville

Back from the break, Neville enters the arena. He gets a great reaction from the crowd. Kofi Kingston is out next with New Day. A huge New Day Sucks chant erupts from the crowd. Neville and Kingston take it to each other at the beginning of the match. There are a series of flips and rolls by Neville as he tries to gain the offensive. Kingston slides under Neville and takes Neville out of the ring. Neville is sent shoulder first into the announce table. Neville is lying on the ground outside the ring. As he stands up he is taken down by a huge clothesline from Big E. Woods puts Neville back in the ring where Kingston sends him right back out. We go to commercial with Neville laying on the ground and New Day clapping over him.

-Commercial Break-

We see Kingston and Neville in the center of the ring, Neville and Kingston exchange slaps. Kingston is on the offensive and gets a pin. Neville kicks out at 2. Kingston losing ground is hit with a missile drop kick from Neville. Neville hits a Standing Moonsault on Kingston. He covers Kingston. 1…2…and Kingston kicks out. Neville looks shocked. He sends Kingston off the ropes and hits a DDT. Neville is up top going to go for the Red Arrow. Big E then pulls Kingston out of the ring just in time. Neville still on the top rope decides to take out the New Day outside of the ring. Neville and Kingston are back in the ring where it looks like Kingston is set to make a comeback and Neville rolls him up out of nowhere for the 1…2…3.

Winner: Neville

Up Next : Lana on a special edition of MIZ TV.

-Commercial Break-

The Miz welcomes Lana to the show. We are shown footage of Lana and Rusev “breaking up”. We then see Rusev this past Monday where he looks discouraged. He claims he will get everything he had back again. The Miz lays it on pretty thick asking “How could you do that to Rusev in this time of need?” Lana says that Rusev doesn’t deserve her. The Miz then implies that Lana was just using Rusev to gain attention. Lana responds saying that Miz can be nice or he will get smacked just like Rusev. The Miz says he is going to bring out a special guest. Here comes Rusev hobbling down the ramp on crutches. He tells Lana he wants a second chance and tries to hug Lana. She wiggles away. Rusev then begins to belittle Lana. Dolph Ziggler comes down to save the day and Lana leaves with him as Rusev continues to verbally abuse her from the ring.

Up Next Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus

-Commercial Break-

We see footage of Reigns having to withstand a series of matches made by The Authority this past Monday on Raw to prove himself worthy of being in the Money in the Bank Match. Reigns is victorious in all attempts to retain his spot in the match.

Roman Reigns makes his way through the crowd and down to the ring. Sheamus’ music hits and he is booed all the way down the ramp. A faint “You look stupid” chant can be heard over the music. We are shown a replay of Sheamus and Randy Orton from Monday Night where Sheamus takes out Orton with a chair leaving Orton helpless lying on the floor.

Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus

The match begins with reigns and Sheamus locking up. Reigns sends Sheamus down with an elbow. Reigns is favoring his ribs. Sheamus takes him out to the floor. Reigns hits a clothesline on Sheamus as he tries to gain positioning. Sheamus is laid out on the floor. Sheamus gets back up and Reigns is then thrown over the announce table as Sheamus tears up the set.

-Commercial Break-

Back from the break, we see Sheamus taking in to Reigns. Sheamus covers and Reigns kicks out. Sheamus hits Reigns with a Rolling Sinton and pins for a two count. Reigns is up and tossed out of the ring. Sheamus exposes Reigns’ rib injury with a series of punches on the apron. Reigns counters with an elbow to Sheamus’ head. Reigns and Sheamus have back and forth and Sheamus is sent onto the corner by Reigns. He hits a series of punches to Sheamus while he is trapped there. Sheamus then catches Reigns with a kick as Reigns runs from the other corner. Sheamus sends Reigns out of the ring once again. As Sheamus goes to exit the ring Reigns hits him with a drop kick. Back in the ring now Reigns hits Sheamus with a Samoan Drop. Reigns wants the Superman Punch. He pounds the ground. 

Kane’s music hits and he walks down to the ring accompanied by J and J security. Sheamus takes advantage of the distraction rolling Reigns up for a quick two count. Sheamus goes for the brogue kick and misses. Reigns sets up for the spear and Kane stops him in his tracks with a kick to the head. Sheamus then hits Reigns with a Brogue Kick. Kane then choke slams Sheamus and asks for a microphone.

Kane declares that the final entrant in the Money in the Bank ladder match is ….”Me”. Kane will now be the final competitor in the ladder match for the Money in the bank briefcase. Kane then hits Roman Reigns with a choke slam. The show ends with Kane staring at the Money in the Bank briefcase hung above the ring.

Winner: No Contest

Remember: Money in the Bank is just two weeks away!


* The Prime Time Players def. The Ascension and Lucha Dragons to become #1 Contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championships
* Ryback def. Stardust (NON TITLE MATCH)
* Kevin Owens def. Zack Ryder to retain the NXT Championship
* Neville def. Kofi Kingston
* Roman Reigns vs Sheamus declared a No Contest

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