WWE Friday Night Smackdown Recap
August 27, 2010
Fresno, CA
Commentators: Todd Grisham and Matt Striker
Report by: Anthony J. Valvo of Wrestleview.com

You are not seeing things, people. For the first (and probably only time), Mr. V will be taking over Friday Night!

In case you don’t know who I am, I am Anthony Valvo and I am a columnist on “From the Desk of Mr. V”, co-host “The Teacher’s Lounge” with David Stephens, and I write the “Ring of Honor on HDNet” recaps for WrestleView.com. It is a privilege to cover the 2nd most viewed wrestling program and I hope that you will enjoy my recaps. Thanks to Mike Tedesco for trusting me with this very difficult task of covering Smackdown.

Also, my recap may be a bit different because I watched it on YouTube rather than MyNetwork TV so I could get the recap done early enough so I can tape the Teacher’s Lounge without any additional assignments. Sorry if there are no Smack of the Nights or Raw Rebounds.

Enough with the introductions, you want a recap of the show, right? Let’s begin.

After we “let it roll” and the fireworks blasted off, Todd Grisham welcomed us to Friday Night Smackdown and we would open up with a Summerslam rematch. It would be Rey Mysterio vs. Kane, but Kane wanted it to be No Disqualification. Also, Dolph Ziggler will defend his Intercontinental Championship against Kofi Kingston. If Ziggler get disqualified, Kingston will win the match and the Intercontinental Championship. Also tonight would be the return of The Undertaker and the pictured teased some vengeance.

The “Voice of Smackdown” Tony Chimel announced the first match is a No Disqualification Match. From the sounds of it, it will be a non-title match.

No Disqualification Match (Non-Title)
Rey Mysterio vs. World Heavyweight Champion Kane

Before the match, Mysterio was selling an arm injury that he sustained last week against Alberto Del Rio.

The match started with Mysterio running at Kane with kicks and punches until Kane stopped that with an Uppercut across Mysterio’s throat. Kane then whipped Rey, but Rey missed the ropes and landed flush outside the ring. Kane then went out of the ring and stomped away on Mysterio’s arm. Kane lifted Mysterio and planted him on the barricade neck first. Kane then dumped Mysterio back in the ring and grabbed a kendo stick under the ring. Mysterio noticed the stick and ran full force at Kane with a kick. Mysterio then grabbed the kendo stick and clubbed Kane in the leg on a couple occasions. Mysterio then went off the ropes, but was met with Kane’s Big Boot from the leg that Mysterio did not hit with the stick. Kane then attempted the pin, but Rey kicked out at two. Kane then placed Mysterio to the corner and stomped on Mysterio’s head, choking him in the process. Kane then whipped Mysterio to another corner and that caused Mysterio to fall instantly. Kane then delivered a kick and pinned Mysterio, but Mysterio kicked out at two once again. Kane then applied a front headlock for a moment until Mysterio countered it with kicks and punches. Mysterio tried a slingshot maneuver, but Kane ran his boot across Mysterio. Mysterio landed hard on the floor. Kane then walked toward Mysterio outside and punched him near the steps. Mysterio, knowing that the ring steps were nearby, did a drop toe hold on Kane. That move had Kane land on the ring steps. Mysterio then kicked Kane, and finished the sequence by running to the top of the announce table and landing on Kane with the Seated Senton.


After the break, Mysterio went up to the top rope, but Kane connected with an uppercut while Mysterio was in mid-air. Kane attempted the pin, but Rey kicked out at two. Kane then kept it grounded with punches, and then snapped Mysterio down into a chinlock. Mysterio escaped with a kick to the head. Mysterio then went off the ropes, but Kane caught him and delivered a Side Slam. Kane then went out of the ring and grabbed hold of a chair. Kane wound up the chair, but Mysterio escaped with some kicks at the corner. Mysterio then connected with the Springboard Seated Senton and then hit the head scissors take down in which Kane landed on the ropes. Mysterio attempted the 619, but Kane grabbed hold of Mysterio’s neck. Mysterio tried to counter with a hurricanranna, but Kane almost turned it into a Powerbomb. Mysterio fought that off with punches and escaped. Mysterio then clubbed Kane right into the back of his knee, and then grabbed the chair and drilled it to Kane’s knee on a couple occasions. After a chair shot to the back, Mysterio then had Kane placed on the ropes. Mysterio then set up and hit the 619! Mysterio tried another Springboard attempt, but…

Finish: Kane caught Rey Mysterio by the neck once again and planted him with the Chokeslam onto the chair. Kane pinned Mysterio and the match was over.

Winner via Chokeslam (with help from the chair): Kane
Grade: B- (leaned toward a C+)

After the match, Kane grabbed his World Heavyweight Championship. Kane raised his arms up and the pyro went off. There were replays of the finish to the match. After the replays, the viewers saw Mysterio being tended to by the WWE officials and crew.

Alberto Del Rio then entered the scene by greeting the fans and introducing himself. Del Rio asked Mysterio if he was ok and wondered what happened. Del Rio then asked the doctor if Mysterio would be ok. Del Rio said that Mysterio was like a dying dog and that he needed to be put down. Del Rio then grabbed Mysterio and drilled him shoulder first to the barricade! Del Rio then took off his jacket then applied his Cross Armbar finisher on Mysterio. The WWE officials told Del Rio to leave and Del Rio started to go up the ramp. Del Rio stopped, then walked toward the ring and grabbed the chair. Del Rio then ran at Mysterio, placed his arm between the opening of the chair and drilled him Shoulder-First to the Ring Post!!!! With Mysterio screaming in pain, Del Rio looked at Mysterio and said that there is a new “Rey” on Smackdown. Del Rio then looked at Mysterio and winked at him. Del Rio then grabbed his jacket and scarf thing and walked away. The fans were booing Del Rio like I boo the Cleveland Browns (I am a Pittsburgh Steeler fan, deal with it).


Moments ago, Alberto Del Rio destroyed Rey Mysterio’s injured arm. They showed highlights of the destruction.

CM Punk (w/Luke Gallows, Joseph Mercury, and Serena) vs. JTG

This is apparently Serena’s last time on Smackdown. Also, my favorite referee Goose Mahoney is officiating this match.

JTG started the match off by rolling up a charging Punk, but Punk kicked out at one. JTG then executed a snap mare into a pin attempt, but Punk kicked out at one. Punk ran back and kicked JTG to the corner. In the corner, and attacked JTG with punches and kicks. Punk then stomped JTG at the corner. Punk then whipped JTG to another corner and instantly hit a running clothesline. Punk kept the attack on the ground. Punk held onto JTG’s arm and then drilled his elbow across JTG’s chest. Punk then delivered some knee strikes and clubbed JTG’s back. JTG tried to fight back, but Punk drilled JTG with knee strikes at the corner. Punk then whipped JTG to a corner and did his running knee strike/running bulldog combination. Punk then lifted JTG over his shoulders and hit the Go 2 Sleep. But he was not done…

Finish: Goose Mahoney counted two, but CM Punk was not pinning JTG and applied a move we have not seen in a long time from Punk, The Anaconda Vice. JTG tapped out after a few seconds and this squash is over.

Winner via Anaconda Vice: CM Punk
Grade: D+

After the match, The Straight Edge Society (SES) raised their hands up (I don’t think Serena was doing it though) while Punk’s hand was raised. Then the viewers of the show saw replays of the match.

After the replays, CM Punk ordered Gallows, Mercury, and Serena to the ring, lined up, and on their knees. Punk said that was how you treat the weak and send the message of purity. Punk led by example and it is set. Punk ordered Gallows to follow his lead and take out The Big Show. Punk said he wanted Gallow to lay out Show in a pool of his own…drool (guess you can’t say blood anymore). Punk wanted Gallows to put a stamp on Show’s head in the name of Straight Edge. Punk hoped he made himself clear because he told his SES to “be better or be gone”.

The camera then goes backstage where Rosa Mendes is showing Smackdown GM Teddy Long the latest fitness trend, The Shake Weight (I could say a dumb joke, but I would be beating a dead horse). Mendes told Long that everyone is doing it and Long said that it was working for Mendes. Long told Mendes to keep going strong and Mendes smiles and exited stage left. Long shook his head for a moment, then sat down and started to read the latest WWE Magazine. Behind Long, a plant starts moving. Long looked back and the plant stood still. Long then kept reading the magazine. The plant moved again, and Long checked behind his back again. Finally Hornswoggle popped out of the plant and Long said he almost got another heart attack from being scared. Long asked if Hornswoggle was spying on him, and Swoggle nodded his head “yes”. Long then asked if Swoggle spied on anyone else, in which Swoggle said “yes” (ok, maybe not like that but you caught my drift). Long asked who, and Swoggle tried to play charades with Long. The first word was “Lay” (which Swoggle “laid” down on Long’s lap). The second word was “cool” (which Swoggle put on sunglasses and was doing “cool” things). Long originally thought “cool” was “Elvis, but then noticed that Hornswoggle spied on LayCool! Long wondered what it was and Swoggle started to explain in “Swoggle-ese” (Hornswoggle demonstrated LayCool talking). Since Long does not speak that language, Hornswoggle grabbed a tablet and pen and drew squiggly lines. Long still did not understand what was going on, and Hornswoggle showed frustration. Long then said that Hornswoggle was short on height (I hear that a lot too), but big on potential. Long had an idea that they could work together, and Hornswoggle was pleased.

Yeah David Stephens, I got to type about Hornswoggle! BOOYAH!!!!


The commentators hype up a bit about Night of Champions. Also, Matt Striker said that The Undertaker will be coming back tonight and wonders if revenge will be sought at Kane.

The viewers then go back to some highlights from last Friday’s Intercontinental Championship match between the champion Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston. Kingston won by disqualification because Vickie Guerrero shoved Kingston off the top rope. After that match Kingston wanted to go after Ziggler, but was blocked by Guerrero. Ziggler attacked from behind and then in the ring connected with the Zig Zag. After Ziggler applied the Sleeper Hold, he then stomped on the exposed neck of Kingston.

Next will be Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston for the Intercontinental Championship. If Kingston wins be DQ, he earns the championship. But first….

It’s time for a “Dashing” Cody Rhodes Grooming Tip. Rhodes said a clean shaven face is important to embellish a chiseled jaw line. Rhodes introduced himself and gave a tip to get one step closer to being “dashing”. Rhodes said to achieve masculinity, a man must shave his arms, chest, and especially their legs. The camera then did a close up to Rhodes leg that was lathered with shaving cream. Rhodes then shaves his leg with a straight razor (I guess that is “manly”) to shave his leg. Rhodes said that a smooth, shaved body is sexy to the opposite sex. And THAT will lead men one step closer to “dashing” status. I guess I will never be “dashing”.

Tony Chimel set the rules for the next match. I already went over them too many times.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
**If Dolph Ziggler loses the match by DQ, Kofi Kingston is the champion**
Dolph Zigger (c) (w/Vickie Guerrero) vs. Kofi Kingston

They plugged Night of Champions (by Paper Jamz) during Ziggler’s entrance. Whatever happened to playing a life guitar and feeling the strings along your fingers? Remember when?

Kingston started the match right away with a kick. The action was moved to the corner when Kingston hit a few more kicks along the corner. Ziggler left the ring, but Kingston ran out and connected with a perfectly placed clothesline! Kingston then drilled Ziggler’s head to the barricade. Kingston pushed Ziggler into the ring, and Kingston entered right after that. Kingston then rolled up Ziggler, but the ref counted only one (the pin was very close to the rope). Kingston then got up and hit a clothesline and attempted the pin. The referee only got to two before Ziggler kicked out. Kingston then connected with a punch, but missed on the Trouble in Paradise move. Ziggler did connect with an elbow, but Kingston reversed a punch by Ziggler and turned it into an S.O.S. Kingston went to pin Ziggler, but Ziggler kicked out and went for the ropes at the count of two.


Kingston then was up to the top rope, but Ziggler avoided Kingston’s attack and Kingston crashed to the mat. Both guys were on the ground punching, then got up and started to kick exchange. Kingston connected moments later with a flurry of punches and kicks at the corner in which the referee had to break it up. The moment Kingston came right back at Ziggler he was hit by Ziggler’s boot. Ziggler attempted to pin Kingston, but Kingston kicked out at two. Ziggler then hit a Leaping Elbow to the back of Kingston, and then covered Kingston for a two count. Ziggler the delivered elbow shots to Kingston’s neck and then applied a nice clutch hold maneuver. Kingston got up after a few moments with sledge punches to the abdominal area, but failed to hit the Trouble in Paradise finisher. Ziggler connected on a punch, but Kingston reversed another punch with his second S.O.S. of the evening. The referee counted to three, but noticed that Ziggler was holding on to the rope right after the pin. The match continued and Kingston was not looking happy at all with that result.

Kingston then pulled Ziggler to the center of the ring for a cover, but Ziggler kicked out at two. Ziggler then moved to a corner and then quickly moved out of the way and Kingston drilled his shoulder to the ring post. Ziggler tried to pin Kingston, but Kingston kicked out at two. Ziggler then did a couple Snap Mare moves (one like Mr. Perfect’s) and covered Kingston, but Kingston kicked out at two. Ziggler then picked up Kingston and connected with a Neckbreaker. Ziggler pinned Kingston once again, but Kingston again kicked out at two. Ziggler then kept the match on the ground with an arm hold. Kingston came back with some punches, but Ziggler reversed the last punch and turned it into a Sleeper Hold. Kingston quickly grabbed hold of the ropes and Ziggler had to break it up before the official disqualified him.

While the ref was pulling Ziggler away Vickie Guerrero almost cost Ziggler the match by slapping Kingston across the face (luckily, the ref did not see this). Ziggler screamed at Guerrero, telling her to “not screw this up for him”. Kingston tried to run at Ziggler, but Ziggler connected with the boot and covered Kingston. Kingston still kicked out at two. Ziggler continued to ground Kingston with sledge punches to the back and followed it up with a leaping elbow drop. Ziggler covered, but once again Kingston kicked out at two. Ziggler then applied a chinlock. Kingston broke the chinlock with punches. With the separation, Kingston managed to chop Ziggler across the chest. Ziggler then caught a hold of Kingston’s legs and tried to do the slingshot move to the corner, but Kingston caught the ropes. Kingston the kicked Ziggler and followed that up with a big punch off the second rope. Kingston pinned Ziggler, but only got the two count. Ziggler got up first and delivered a knee, then whipped Kingston to the corner. Kingston then escaped a corner attack and hit the Pendulum Kick to Ziggler. Kingston then went up top and connected with a great Crossbody and cover, but Ziggler kicked out at two. Kingston then got Ziggler up and attempted a third S.O.S., but Ziggler reversed it with a Fireman’s Carry take down. Ziggler with the cover, but Kingston kicks out at two.

Ziggler attempted the Zig Zag, but Kingston held on to the ropes to block the finisher. Kingston then connected with a running kick. Ziggler moved out of the ring and Kingston was about to go high risk until Guerrero blocked the way. Still, this did not stop Kingston and he connected with a Crossbody from the ring frame to Ziggler. When both got up, they clotheslined each other and both men fell back down onto the floor. They both started moving back to the ring when all of the sudden…

Finish: Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler were walking faster to the ring. It was then when Vickie Guerrero pulled Dolph Ziggler out of the ring after the referee counted to ten. Kofi Kingston made it to the ring at the count of nine. So because of Vickie’s decision it cost Ziggler the match, but not the title.

Winner via Countout: Kofi Kingston
STILL your WWE Intercontinental Champion: Dolph Ziggler.
Grade: B

After the match and announcement that Ziggler retained the title, Kingston made a line right at Ziggler. Ziggler got out of the way by leaping over the barricade and up the steps of the arena. Kingston chased Ziggler until it was a lost cause.

Later, The Undertaker returns.

They aired last week’s highlights of Kane’s amazing promo. In the promo, Kane explained why he attacked The Undertaker and put him in a vegetative state. Kane said he made Taker’s legend better and now he had his vengeance on his older brother. Kane said that he waited forever for this moment and now he is the devil’s favorite demon.

Todd Grisham reminded the viewers that Teddy Long said The Undertaker will return tonight. Matt Striker wants to know what might be in Taker’s head. The Undertaker is hyped up once again.

Jack Swagger walked down the ramp. His match with MVP is up next.


Jack Swagger Sr. Invitational Shootout

If Swagger wins, he hosts an upcoming VIP Lounge. If MVP wins, he throws a big end-of-the-summer party and Swagger pays the tab.

The rule: The first wrestler to get five takedowns on their opponent is the winner.

Jack Swagger (Jr?) vs. MVP

Before the match, Swagger grabbed some ear gear to protect from Cauliflower Ear. MVP refused the protection. Swagger delayed the start of this “match” by warming up at the corner. When Swagger was ready he taunted MVP a little bit until MVP slapped the taste out of his mouth. The bell rang soon after that.

Both men tie-up to begin the invitational. Swagger pushed MVP down and earned the first takedown.

Swagger 1-0

Swagger then taunted some more at MVP’s expense. MVP then grabbed hold of Swagger’s leg, but Swagger rolled around to take out MVP’s leg to bring him down again.

Swagger 2-0

Swagger bragged a bit more of how awesome he was. Swagger then grabbed MVP’s leg and applied a waistlock. MVP blocked Swagger’s leg to prevent him from taking him down. MVP then reversed the hold and applied his very own waistlock. Swagger reversed the move, lifted MVP down and planted him awkwardly on the canvas.

Swagger 3-0.

Swagger then applied a front headlock and took MVP down and rolled around with him (Striker called it the “Gator Roll”. After that was done…

Finish: MVP had enough and slapped Swagger across the face. The referee thought that was grounds for disqualification. Swagger gets to host the VIP Lounge for a night (Free Swaggies for everyone!).

Winner via Disqualification : Jack Swagger
Grade: C- (better than normal because hey, there was actual wrestling)

After the match, MVP started to walk away when Swagger attacked MVP from behind. Swagger then applied the Ankle Lock and MVP instantly tapped out. Swagger would not let go until a few referees broke up the attack. MVP was lying down holding on to his ankle. Swagger walked away screaming that the VIP Lounge will be his!

The camera focused backstage where LayCool was with Kaval. Michelle McCool asked Kaval how they looked, and Kaval said they looked good. The camera then looked at a laptop where there was a photo shoot of LayCool. LayCool and Kaval admitted that the shoot was flawless. Layla asked McCool whom she was mimicking (she was crying). McCool said Melina and Layla said she was right. Layla talked about the 900th episode of Monday Night Raw and McCool ripped on Melina’s outfit from Summerslam. LayCool said it was feathery and made Melina look like Big Bird. Layla wanted to know the plan again and McCool demanded privacy. Kaval and the photo team left, then McCool whispered the plan in Layla’s ear.


The WWE went to China recently. They showed a photo shoot of the event as well as some newspaper clippings. It is pretty awesome that now the WWE can tour in China now.

The camera then showed the venue that Smackdown took place in Fresno, California.

Last Friday, Christian won his match against Drew McIntyre. However, after the match Christian was destroyed by McIntyre and “Dashing” Cody Rhodes. Matt Hardy ran in to save Christian, but he ended up getting injured once again because his ankle was destroyed a couple weeks ago by McIntyre.

Tony Chimel introduced Alberto Del Rio’s ring announcer, the great Ricardo Rodriguez. Del Rio entered the ramp way via a classic car. Rodriguez then introduced Del Rio en Espanol. Del Rio posed in epic greatness.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Carlos Sanchez (jobber from Fresno)

My favorite referee, Goose Mahoney, is working the squash matches tonight. Earlier tonight, Del Rio attacked Rey Mysterio and destroyed his arm. See prior comments of this recap to see what happened.

The two began the match with a tie-up. Del Rio cornered Sanchez, broke very slowly, then kicked and stomped Sanchez along the corner. Del Rio then pulled Sanchez into a clothesline. Del Rio then grabbed hold and executed a nice Belly-to-Back Suplex. After the suplex, Del Rio grounded Sanchez with a chinlock. Moments later, Sanchez broke the hold with punches. Del Rio instantly clubbed Sanchez in the back to ground him. Del Rio then whipped Sanchez to the corner, but Sanchez escaped further attack. Sanchez tried to come back with a flurry of punches, but Del Rio lifted Sanchez up onto the ropes. Del Rio broke the hold, gave Sanchez that “wink of destruction” and shoved Sanchez down onto the floor! Del Rio then placed Sanchez in the ring and circled around him…

Finish: After stalling, Alberto Del Rio forced Carlos Sanchez to tap out to the Cross Arm Breaker.

Winner via Cross Arm Breaker: Alberto Del Rio
Grade: D+

After the match, Del Rio held onto the submission hold for a few more moments. Del Rio was announced as the winner in Spanish.

The Big Show and Kelly Kelly are walking to the ring. Big Show is in action next.


The Big Show (w/Kelly Kelly) vs. Luke Gallows (w/Joseph Mercury and Serena)

The match began with Show quickly clubbing Gallows to the back area. Show cornered Gallows with a punch to the stomach and followed that up with an overhand chop. Gallows moved to another corner and Show gave him the same treatment with a boot and a chop!

Backstage, CM Punk is looking on in front of a HDTV, looking very displeased.

Show then delivered a kick across Gallows’ chest. Show then cornered Gallows again and delivered another overhand chop to the back. Show then threw Gallows across the ring and Gallows is now out of the ring. Show chased Mercury away and moments later Serena tried to help Gallows back up. Show then grabbed hold of Gallows, placed him at the announce table and delivered another chop. Serena then looked at Show until Kelly hit the Thesz Press and rammed the back of Serena’s head to the floor. Show then grabbed Gallows and put him back in the ring. Show then followed suit, but Gallows started to attack a good bit. Show countered the attack and shoved Gallows out of the way. Show finally got through the ropes and Gallows was ready with a boot to Show. Gallows then delivered a big body block (which Show fell to his knee) and Gallows followed it up with a boot to Show’s head. Show then chopped Gallows across the chest and prepared for the finish…

Finish: As soon as Luke Gallows got up, The Big Show knocked him down with what I call the “K.O. Blow”. The Big Show pinned Luke Gallows to earn the victory. Luke Gallows may have earned a mental beating by CM Punk, who looked disgusted backstage.

Winner via the K.O. Blow: The Big Show
Grade: D

After the match, The Big Show and Kelly Kelly celebrated. After the replays of the squash match, we saw Kelly and Show walk back to the entrance ramp.

The Smackdown commentators then talked about Kane’s Grand Plan. Next, The Undertake returns to Smackdown and possibly, The Undertaker will have his vengeance!


The bells toll, and finally it is the return of The Phenom, The Undertaker!!! Yes, three exclamation marks because I am that excited!

The Undertaker is getting a rousing ovation.

The Undertaker grabbed hold of a microphone and paused to hear the fans cheering for him. Undertaker said that he might look dead, but he is not dead yet. Undertaker said that he was still “The Deadman”. Undertaker coughed, and then said that this is still his yard and one thing that needs to be made clear is that he would NEVER pardon the guilty. Which led to Kane, who is being guilty betrayal and he would be paid dearly for his attack. Undertaker said that Kane has a diseased soul, and it festered into a web of lies. Kane thought that he could fill his boots and could carry around Undertaker’s Holy Grail, the World Heavyweight Championship.

Kane’s pyro went off and then Kane entered at the top of the entrance ramp. The Undertaker coughed for a moment. Kane then laughed and said that Undertaker is the one that was spinning a web of lies. Kane said he could see it in his eyes. Kane told Undertaker to look at himself and that Undertaker is not even a shadow of what he once was. Kane said that he had no problem taking out Undertaker and dropping him on his head at Summerslam. Kane said that Undertaker is living in a fantasy. Kane said that he was the bigger, strong, and dominant. Kane concluded by saying that he has nothing left to prove to himself and that he was the better brother.

Undertaker then said there was the reason why Kane walked in his shadow. Undertaker also mentioned that Kane said something along the lines of “being the devil’s favorite demon” last week. Undertaker asked Kane if he forgot that the devil’s house was in fact built by The Undertaker…brick by fiery brick. The devil still answered to The Undertaker as “sir” according to Undertaker. Undertaker then said that Kane will never be worthy to carry the title and the power. Undertaker called Kane unworthy, even unworthy enough to be his brother. Undertaker warned Kane that he did not teach him everything about being evil. Soon, The Undertaker will be waiting and in the end, Undertaker said it will end the same way.

Kane then cut him off and said NOT THIS TIME!! Kane said the end will be similar to the one at Summerslam when Taker was slammed on his head. Kane vowed on their mother’s grave that The Undertaker will never Rest…In…Peace.

Kane’s music hit as the show came to an end.

Quick Results
Kane def. Rey Mysterio via Chokeslam to chair
CM Punk def. JTG via the Anaconda Vice
Kofi Kingston def. Dolph Ziggler via Countout, but Ziggler retained the IC Championship
Jack Swagger def. MVP in the Swagger Sr. Challenge and will host an upcoming VIP Lounge
Alberto Del Rio def. Carlos Sanchez via the Cross Arm Breaker
The Big Show def. Luke Gallows via the K.O. Blow

(To take a page out of Mike Tedesco’s book)

Match of the Night: Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler (Grade: B)

Bump of the Night: When Alberto Del Rio shoved Rey Mysterio shoulder-first to the ring post. Mysterio’s arm was sandwiched with a chair while that bump happened.

Overall Thoughts and Grade

On Wrestling Segments

Del Rio’s Post-Match Attack – Del Rio is going to be a big deal if he continues this onslaught to Mysterio’s arm. I don’t know much outside of the shows, but I think they are going to try and write off Mysterio for a bit so he could heal up. In giving Del Rio that responsibility, it showed to me that the WWE is going “all-in” with Del Rio and hopes he can be a superstar. I think he has the makings of being a main event guy very fast if he keeps the crowd against him.

Punk’s Message to the S.E.S. – Very passionate promo by Punk. Recently, the SES has been booked as a bunch of losers (they all have been in a funk since Punk’s head was shaved). This promo that Punk dished out was full of emotion and it got his point across. Either his members get better, or they will be gone.

Teddy Long, Hornswoggle, and a little bit of Rosa – I can’t believe I am going to say this, but I missed Hornswoggle’s antics. I liked how he was trying to interact with Long and now since he knows something that Long wants, this could lead to a good mini-program. The worst thing actually was Rosa with the Shake Weight? Really, WWE? I am sorry, but I think Mendes is in perfect shape and it showed how awful it is to put her (or any other diva in that matter) in this gimmick.

The “Dashing” Grooming Tip – Look, I am fine with the cotton swab, the moisturizer, etc. But shaving your body? Oh why did Mike Tedesco make me recap this segment? I don’t know if it was supposed to be serious or funny, but I laughed a good bit at this segment.

LayCool – Again, if I wanted to see women make fun of other women like a bunch of airheads I would just listen to some of the drama that took place in a classroom I taught at five years ago. I will admit that it was not bad to start, until they said that Melina’s outfit reminded them of Big Bird. I am curious as to what the “big plan” will be on Raw Monday. I am excited for it. However, I think Teddy Long and Hornswoggle will get to the bottom of it.

Undertaker and Kane Showdown – This has been a war that seemed to have gone on a very long time. With that said and all the rivalry buildups that these two had in the past, I don’t recall both of them cutting an amazing segment like the one that happened tonight. Kane was absolutely perfect as the villain that wants the power of his brother. However, Undertaker is not ready to give up his throne of evil. There war of words really builds this up to a long program, and if they keep up what they started here inside the squared circle we may see a potential feud of the year between these two “brothers”. This was the best segment on the show by far!

On Wrestling Matches

Kane vs. Mysterio – I thought it was a good back and forth type match. Mysterio tried his best to throw everything at Kane, but Kane used his immense power to end the match and it was the right thing to do. The champ needs to keep on winning in this case so the viewers can get a nice feud with Kane and The Undertaker.

CM Punk vs. JTG – I thought the goal of this match was for CM Punk to get a win and send a message to his associates, and he ended it with an exclamation point! Punk looked crisp in the ring today, too bad it only lasted a couple minutes. JTG was only able to get a couple rollups in and a punch. Remember when he beat Chris Jericho clean on a Smackdown months ago?

Ziggler vs. Kingston – This stipulation made the match a little better because I thought it would not let Vickie Guerrero distract Kingston. I was wrong, but I was happy to be wrong. The match went everywhere and lacked some good, old-school chemistry. I think this did hurt Kingston just a bit, as he hit the SOS twice and still could not get the win. The ending was probably the best of this match. The way Vickie Guerrero pulled Ziggler back was a smart move to keep the title on him without anyone looking very weak. It will continue the feud, but I don’t know how it will all turn out. I hope to see at least some consistency in the ring, because what I saw today it lacked a good bit of it at times.

Swagger vs. MVP – This was not much of a pro wrestling match, but I thought it actually worked out well for Swagger. This was a good way to showcase his amateur background and he was pretty spot on except for the third takedown. I feel bad for MVP. The guy went from wrestling a very good match with Cody Rhodes on NXT to getting squashed by Swagger. Swagger will not get to host the VIP Lounge and I expect shenanigans galore from MVP and maybe someone else. I have that feeling.

Del Rio vs. Sanchez – This is another match that will continue the legend of Alberto Del Rio. There is something special in this character. The moves Del Rio put on Sanchez were pretty spot on and the finish was executed very well. I am very impressed with Del Rio’s storytelling in just a mere two weeks.

Show vs. Gallows – Not sure about the future of this feud. Will CM Punk let go of Gallows? With Serena’s departure, the SES got a whole lot weaker. If Gallows to kicked out, I wonder where this will go. The Big Show was just so dominant and easily won. I was not impressed with this match at all, but the reader can decide for themselves.

Overall, the segments were mostly pretty good. However, the matches on the card was hot and cold. We had two solid matches, a silly challenge, and three squash matches. The lack of having Christian and even Matt Hardy hurt the show a little bit, but it had to be done because of the storyline injuries. The show was produced well and it was an honor to cover this week’s edition of Smackdown.

Overall Grade: B

Again, I would like to thank Mike Tedesco for allowing me to be the “substitute teacher” for Smackdown tonight.

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Until then, have a good week and Mike Tedesco will be back from a well-deserved vacation on Tuesday when he covers the Season Two Finale of WWE NXT (VOTE FOR RILEY!!)

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