WWE RAW Results 1/20/14

WWE Monday Night RAW Results
Dayton, Ohio
January 20, 2014
Commentators: JBL & Michael Cole
Report by: David Stephens of Wrestleview.com

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon make their way to the ring to start the show. They welcome the crowd to RAW and put over the night’s show as well as this Sunday’s Royal Rumble PPV. Triple H says that he is out to here to bring back a man that once won the Royal Rumble – a man that he spent a great deal of time with in Evolution. It’s a man that Triple H calls his friend.

Randy Orton’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring to the chagrin of Triple H. Stephanie tosses in a WWE Network mention and then turns her attention to Randy Orton. She scolds him for attacking John Cena’s father after losing to Kofi Kingston last week on RAW. Stephanie threatens Orton’s job and says that he must conform to the regime of the Authority. Orton somehow finds a rational to blame Stephanie and Triple H for his transgressions. Orton claims that there would not be a WWE Network without him. Orton shares his displeasure that former talents like Batista and Brock Lesnar are being brought back when he is a bigger name than any of them. Triple H tells Orton that the reason he became the face of the WWE is because the Authority had faith in him. It seems as though Orton has lost faith in himself. No one is to blame except for Orton. Triple H announces a rematch between Randy Orton & Kofi Kingston for tonight.

Batista’s music hits and the crowd erupts. He is wearing an unzipped track jacket without a shirt and very, very tight jeans. Pyro explodes around the Animal. Batista plays ballerina for a moment and drops to kiss the mat before giving Stephanie and Triple H a hug. Batista says that his goal is to win the Royal Rumble and go on to main event Wrestlemania. It doesn’t matter who the Champion is, Batista will be walking out of ‘mania with the belt. Batista tells Orton that he is just going to have to get used to it, drops the mic, and heads back up the ramp.

The Shield v. The Brotherhood & Big E. Langston

Langston starts the match against Dean Ambrose and knocks him down with a shoulder block. Rollins gets the tag and is immediately lifted high overhead by Langston and dropped stomach first to the mat. Goldust gets the tag and reverses an Irish Whip to send Rollins into the corner to set up a back body drop. Goldust follows with an Atomic Drop and a cover. Rollins kicks out. Cody gets the tag and comes in off the top rope with an axe handle. Cody lifts Rollins up to deliver a suspended vertical suplex. Cover but Rollins kicks out. Seth is isolated in the corner as Goldust and Cody exchange tags back and forth. Rollins gets the upper hand on Cody and whips him into the corner. Cody reverses into a Sunset Flip but Rollins kicks out of the cover. Cody misses a disaster kick as Rollins rolls out of the ring. Cody jumps from the second rope to the top rope and leaps to the outside with a crossbody on Rollins as the show heads to commercial.

Reigns and Cody are in the ring as the show comes back from the break. Reigns connects with a shoulder block. Rollins gets the tag but is tripped up by Cody who is desperate for a tag. Reigns comes back in to cut off the tag. Cody responds with a Disaster Kick. Ambrose and Langston both get tags. Langston ducks a clothesline and then hits a belly to belly suplex. Reigns jumps up on the apron but is knocked off by Langston. Langston looks for the finish but Seth Rollins runs in to the ring to interrupt. Langston tosses him out and Goldust flips off the apron to take out Rollins. Langston maintains control in the ring. He hits a splash and goes for the cover. Reigns makes the save. Reigns also dismisses a Disaster Kick and then spears Goldust. Langston finally tosses him out of the ring. Ambrose tags in Rollins. Seth stomps Langston’s head into the mat and picks up the win for his team.

Winners: The Shield

Daniel Bryan’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. He is out here to address the Wyatt situation. Bryan says that a lot of people asked if he had a plan when he joined the Wyatt Family. He claims that a man like Bray cannot be taken down through sheer physical force; it is also a mental battle. Bryan knew he had to infiltrate the group in order to really take Bray down. Bryan seized his moment when he was one on one in the steel cage with Bray last week. Last week Bryan became the buzzard and chewed on Bray’s carcass. Bryan says the truth is that he exposed Bray Wyatt. Harper and Rowan will be in the Rumble but Bray will not be. This leaves him to go one on one with Bryan this Sunday. It shall be Daniel Bryan v. Bray Wyatt. Bryan starts to chant, “yes” with the crowd.

The lights go out and Bray Wyatt appears on the Titantron. He notes how everyone in the audience cheered along as Bryan attacked him last week. He calls the fans sheep and says that Bryan is a traitor. He tells Bryan to go home and hug his mother and tell him he loves her and is sorry because everything that happens to him from now on is his fault.

Xavier Woods v. Fandango w/ Summer Rae

R-Truth is on commentary for this match.

Woods uses his speed to gain the initial momentum. He whiffs on a crossbody that sends him spilling into the ropes. Fandango heads up to the top rope. He leaps for a leg drop and connects for a swift victory.

Winner: Fandango

Brad Maddox is in his office with Kane. Brad says he is glad that he thought about bringing Batista back. Kane can’t believe his gall. Stephanie enters and tells Maddox to take a hike. Stephanie asks what Kane was thinking when he chokeslammed Punk on Smackdown last week. Stephanie says that she knew Kane joining management was a risk. Stephanie strictly tells him that he cannot put his hands on any Superstar including CM Punk. Kane admits that she is correct and apologizes. Stephanie says that in this instance he needs to go apologize to Punk.

Kane is in the ring and asks CM Punk to come out. Punk obliges and comes down to the ring. Kane says that he overstepped his bounds by attacking Punk. Kane apologizes for chokeslamming Punk on Smackdown. Punk says he didn’t hear Kane and asks him to repeat the apology. Kane repeats himself. Punk says that he is sorry as well and then unloads on Kane. Punk charges for a running knee that sends Kane out of the ring. Brad Maddox comes out on the ramp and yells for Kane not to retaliate. Maddox has a solution. Punk will have a fight – but not against Kane. Punk will fight one of the members of the New Age Outlaws.

CM Punk v. Billy Gunn w/ Road Dogg

Road Dogg joins in on commentary for the match.

Punk immediately takes it to Gunn and backs him into the corner. Punk hits a headbutt and then stomps his opponent to the ground. Punk knocks Billy out of the ring and follows after. Dogg provides a distraction that allows Billy to slam Punk’s head into the apron as the show heads to commercial.

Back from the break and Punk puts Billy in a Sleeper. Gunn escapes with a side slam. Cover but Punk kicks out. Punk tries to lift Gunn up but instead gets caught with a high dropkick. Another cover but Punk kicks out once again. Gunn signals for Punk to suck it so Punk kicks him right out of the ring. Punk looks for a suicide dive but instead slips out of the ring on the other side and takes out Road Dogg. Punk gets back in the ring and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Cover but Gunn kicks out. Punk chops and then hits a running knee. Gunn responds with a tilt-a-whirl slam. Gunn misses on a splash and falls to the mat. Punk climbs up top for an elbow. Road Dogg pulls Gunn out of the ring. Punk runs and hits a suicide dive on Road Dogg. Gunn sends Punk back into the ring. Gunn misses a Fame-Asser. Punk lifts him up and hits the GTS for the win.

Winner: CM Punk

Brad Maddox is on the ramp and congratulates Punk. Kane takes the microphone from him. He says that on Sunday Punk will have an opportunity to prove to 29 other men that he really is the best in the world. Kane notes that entrée numbers for the Rumble will be chosen at random. Except for Punk’s, he will be entering at #1.

Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar are shown walking into the arena.

A very moving tribute airs for Mae Young’s passing. 1923-2014

Rey Mysterio v. Alberto Del Rio

Mysterio takes charge with his speed and looks to ground Del Rio. Rio responds by dumping Rey stomach first over the top rope. Mysterio kicks Rio and knocks him out of the ring. Rey hits a springboard moonsault to the outside. Rey rolls Rio back in and begins to stomp. Rey is whipped into the corner and gets stomped. Rio comes off the second rope with a kick and tries for a cover. Rey kicks out. Rio uses his size and feet to keep Rey grounded. Rio grabs Mysterio and slides him stomach first right out of the ring.

Back from a commercial break and Del Rio is in complete control. Rio strolls around the outside of the ring using the obstacles to torture Rey. Rio stretches Rey against the steel post. With both men back in the ring Rey tries for a shoulder thrust but misses and crashes straight into the steel post. Rio sets Rey up in a tree of woe and kicks him in the back. Rey moves out of the way on a charge which sends Rio into the steel post. Rey leaps in for a battering ram. Rey follows up with a tilt-a-whirl followed by a top rope seated Senton. Rio kicks Rey but Rey rolls through a Sunset Flip. Cover from Rey but Rio kicks out. Rey tries for a 619 but is caught by Rio. Rey is on all fours as Rio kicks him square in the jaw. Cover, but Rey kicks out. Rey responds with another 619 attempt and this time it connects. Rey leaps off the top for a crossbody and covers his opponent. Rio gets his hand on the bottom rope at the last instant. Rey heads to the second rope but is swatted to the mat. Rio locks on the Cross Arm Breaker which immediately causes Rey to tap.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

After the match Batista’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. Rio tries to swipe at him but all that Batista does is take him out with a Spinebuster. Batista lifts Rio up for a Batista Bomb. After the move Batista appears out of breath as he poses for the crowd.

Big Show makes his way down to the ring. He addresses Brock Lesnar by mocking Paul Heyman. Show does a Heyman impersonation. Heyman angrily walks out onto the entrance ramp. Lesnar’s music hits and he walks out behind Heyman. Lesnar and Heyman start to walk down to the ring. When they are about 15 feet away the music cuts off and they walk to the back.

Show grabs a microphone and tells Lesnar to drag his out to the ring and get in his face. Lesnar and Heyman again walk down to the ring. Lesnar gets inside and stands face to face with Show. Lesnar moves forward and Show flinches. Lesnar laughs and then tries to score a take down. Show tosses Lesnar across the ring. Lesnar again tries to go after Show but this time is tossed out of the ring. Lesnar loses it and starts to tear apart the Commentators’ table. Lesnar tries to get in the ring with a steel chair but Show steps on it so Lesnar can’t get in the ring. Lesnar tosses a TV monitor in the ring at Show. Heyman runs over to talk Lesnar down.

Tamina & AJ Lee v. The Funkadactyls

Tamina starts the match against Cameron and pulls her towards the corner. AJ gets the tag and chokes Cameron. Naomi and Tamina get tags. Naomi charges into the ring directly into the boot of Tamina. AJ takes the tag. She walks over to Naomi and gets trapped with a surprise rollup.

Winners: The Funkadactyls

Video Package: Martin Luther King Jr.

The Usos v. Erick Rowan & Luke Harper

Jimmy starts the match against Harper. Luke uses his strong fists to club Uso repeatedly. Rowan gets the tag and tosses Jimmy out of the ring. Harper jumps off the apron and goes after Jimmy. Jimmy fights him back, slides in the ring, and tags in Jey. Jey leaps off the apron at Harper. Jimmy gets back in the ring and punches back and forth with Harper. Jimmy leaps from the top rope with a crossbody but Rowan makes the save. Jey comes in but is tossed out of the ring by Rowan. Harper goes for a pin on Jimmy but Jimmy kicks out. Rowan gets the tag and uses his knuckles to apply a vice. Harper is back in and tries for a cover of his own but no luck. Uso uses his boot to block a splash. Jimmy heads to the top rope for a splash but Harper pushes him off. Jimmy crashes to the outside as RAW goes to commercial.

Back from the break and Harper has Jimmy trapped in a choke. Harper puts Jimmy between the ropes and slingshots his neck right into the rope.

Bray grabs a microphone and says that this is exactly the type of punishment that awaits Daniel Bryan.

Jimmy Uso leaps from the rope with a crossbody on Harper. Jimmy makes it to Jey for the tag. Jey takes out Harper and knocks Rowan off the apron. Uso connects with a couple hard blows, dodges a clothesline and hits a Samoan Drop. Jey charges across the ring for a butt splash. Rowan tries to jump up on the apron but is swatted away. Jimmy leaps out of the ring onto Rowan. Jey tries to same but Harper punches him. Cover, but Jey kicks out.

Daniel Bryan charges down from the back and assaults Bray Wyatt. Harper is rolled up off the distraction.

Winners: The Usos

A shot shows the back of arena as the crowd awaits the arrival of John Cena.

Kofi Kingston v. Randy Orton

Kingston is tossed away at the start. Kingston responds by bouncing forward with a Thesz press. Orton is forced to roll out of the ring to catch his breath. Kofi follows after and tosses him into the barricade. Orton is back in the ring only to scurry out the other side. Kofi again follows. This time Orton grabs Kofi and slams him into the commentators’ table. Orton rolls his opponent into the ring and goes for the cover. Kofi kicks out. The fight continues back and forth as Orton sets Kofi up on the apron for a suspended DDT. Kofi counters into an SOS. Cover, but despite it putting Orton away last week he kicks out.

The camera cuts to back and shows John Cena entering with his new neon gear.

Kofi grabs the leg of Orton to try and keep him in the ring. Cena runs down to ringside and starts to clobber Orton.

Winner via DQ: Randy Orton

Last week Randy attacked Cena’s father, tonight it is time for retribution. Cena tosses Randy into the barricade. Orton tumbles over and tries to escape through the arena. Cena follows Orton up the stairs and into the crowd. Cena lifts Orton up for an AA, but Orton scurries off his back and heads up into the crowd. Cena runs up the stairs after him. Cena catches up to Orton and punches him all the way to the top of the arena. Orton gets in a couple blows but this is mostly a one-sided affair. Orton makes it up to a skybox. Orton heads out to the concession area. The crowd has bizarrely been separated by security in advance? I’m not sure how they knew what was coming but I respect security’s psychic abilities.

Cena follows after Orton. Randy has a head start and runs right out of the arena and into a waiting car. Cena has no choice other than to watch the WWE World Heavyweight Champion speed away. Cena walks back into the arena and his music hits. This Sunday John Cena will take on Randy Orton for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the Royal Rumble PPV.

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