WWE Monday Night Raw
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
September 9, 2012
Commentators: Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler
Report by: David Stephens of Wrestleview.com

Are you ready? Then stop questioning your heart and join me because it’s time for Monday Night RAW!

Justin Roberts is in the ring and introduces Canada’s own, Bret “The Hitman” Hart. He makes his way down to the ring for the first time in 15 years in a WWE ring in Montreal! The crowd is on their feet for the hometown hero. His hair has a golden tint to it as he thanks the crowd, merci. They are on their feet and roaring. It’s an astounding ovation as they begin an ole’ chant.

Hart says that he is a bit speechless after 15 years. He puts over the fans that have supported him over the years. He mentions the Montreal Screwjob as he describes the dark day. He says that he is proud of everything that he did on that day. He thanks the fans of Montreal as they helped him through everything. The crowd is once again roaring as Hart thanks them one last time.

CM Punk’s music hits and the crowd erupts with their disproval. On his way down the ramp a fan gets in to it with Punk as he yells at the WWE Superstar while Punk just stares at him. Punk is wearing Purple tights tonight, no doubt to egg on the Hitman’s fans.

Punk says if he wrote a book he would call it, “What If”. For what if Punk had wrestled Hart back in ’97 instead of Michaels? Hart says that it doesn’t matter because he would have destroyed Punk. Punk says that that is not true. If that had happened the WWE would not be as it is today. Punk wouldn’t have needed Vince to screw Bret, because he would have beaten him. The precious Attitude Era would never have been born and Punk would have jumped a sinking ship and headed over to WCW.

Hart says he underestimated the brilliance of Punk and scoffs at him. Hart says Punk isn’t the best in the world because he himself is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. Punk says anyone can call themselves anything. Just like Lawler calls himself the King of Memphis. Hart says that he and Lawler have a history, but Lawler would always show up and he would never leave as a coward.

A clip plays of Paul Heyman driving CM Punk away at the end of the night. Punk claims that it was just happenstance that he ran into Cena and attacked him last week. Punk asks if Cena has the back of Hart tonight. Punk asks him if Cena is going to run out here when things get too hot.

Hart says that he did speak to Cena earlier tonight. He told John that he wanted to come out and speak to the crowd by himself first. He says with all due respect –

Punk cuts him off and says if he knew anything about respect then he wouldn’t be speaking to the WWE Champion like this. Punk says he will beat Cena once again this Sunday and prove that he is the greatest WWE Champion of all time. He deserves the kind of reaction that Hart received tonight in every arena around the world. Punk says he is going to put John Cena asleep. Hart retorts, just like you are putting all these people in the arena sleep right now. The crowd agrees. Punk replies no, at Night of Champions I am going to leave Cena an empty shell of a man, just like you are. The crowd chants, “asshole”.


Kofi Kingston & R-Truth v. The Miz & Antonio Cesaro w/ Aksana

On the way down to the ring, Cesaro puts himself over as full of prestige. There will be a #1 Contenders match to determine his Night of Champions opponent on the pre-show.

Kofi and Miz start the match up. Kofi locks on a side headlock but gets tossed to the ropes. He hits a monkey flip on Miz and goes for a cover. Miz kicks out. Truth gets the tag and hits a double Leg Sweep with Kofi. Cesaro runs into the ring as Miz slides out. He is tossed out of the ring. Kofi leaps off the back of Truth and over the top rope for a somersault plancha!


Truth and Cesaro are in the ring as Miz gets the tag. He kicks the back of Truth and goes for the cover. Truth kicks out. Miz punches him in the corner and then connects with a splash. Miz climbs to the top rope and perches. Truth gets to his feet and is met with an axe handle. Miz gets behind Truth and applies a rear headlock. Truth escapes and hits a spinning heel kick out of nowhere.

Cesaro and Kofi fly into the ring. Cesaro is planted to the mat and hits with the Boom Drop. Kofi heads to the corner and looks for Trouble in Paradise. Miz distracts him on the apron so Kofi kicks him off. Kofi flies off the top rope with a crossbody to Cesaro. Miz runs into the ring as does Truth. They both are eventually sent to the outside. Kofi kicks out of a roll up as Cesaro holds the tights. Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise and this match is over.

Winners: Kofi Kingston & R-Truth


A video is shown of Sheamus with his lawyer in the WWE headquarters. Across the table is Ricardo Rodriguez wearing a neckbrace and his lawyer, David Otunga. Sheamus is sworn in. He reveals his last name is Lipschitz, and makes some wise cracks about being half Jewish. Sheamus says he was just kidding, which angers Otunga. David asks Sheamus about the time he Brogue Kicked Ricardo. Sheamus admits that he did it. Sheamus says he’s been using the move for years. Otunga brings up the time he Brogue Kicked a referee. They then mention Daniel Bryan and him being kicked in the back of the head at Wrestlemania. Otunga claims that the Brogue Kick causes permanent damage to his victims. Sheamus kicks the camera being used to record the deposition as he finally loses it. As the screen is static-y we hear Sheamus sing “Hava Nagila”.


Alicia Fox, Beth Phoenix & Natalya v. Eve Torres, Kaitlyn & Layla

Kaitlyn and Beth start the match off. Phoenix gains control and tags in Natalya. Alicia hits a cheap shot and Natalya goes for the cover. Fox comes in and kicks Kaitlyn in the gut. She goes for a bridging pin but Kaitlyn kicks out. Kaitlyn tags in Layla who comes in and clears house. She hits a crossbody but Fox kicks out of the cover. Eve tags herself in and hits her finisher. This match is over.

Winners: Eve Torres, Kaitlyn & Layla

AJ is in the backstage area watching the show on a monitor. Punk walks up to her and complains that he has a match tonight Cena does not. Punk also complains that he doesn’t know who his partner is because the WWE Universe gets to make the decision. Punk asks if she is mad that her freak out last week was seen by the world that she is taking it out on him. AJ says that he walked out on the WWE Universe last week, so the WWE Universe gets to pick his opponent.


CM Punk’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. Cole is on the mic and is ready to reveal Punk’s opponent. It will be…

CM Punk v. Randy Orton

Punk locks him up but Orton pushes free. Orton hits a hip toss. *Let’s Go Orton, CM Punk*. Punk pushes Orton into the corner and the ref splits them up. Punk kicks Orton in the gut and knocks him down to the mat. Punk drags him further into the ring and connects with a backbreaker. Orton kicks out. Punk cinches on a rear headlock. Orton goes for an RKO, so Punk scurries out of the ring. The referee begins to count as Punk heads up the entrance ramp. Orton isn’t about to let him escape so he runs up after him and brings him back into the ring.


Punk sits on the turnbuckle and then stands up to drop an elbow. Orton kicks out of the cover. Punk climbs another turnbuckle and is looking for the full elbow. Orton gets to his feet and knocks him to a seated position. He lifts him up and sets up for a Superplex. Cover, but Punk is able to kick out. They are both on their knees as they begin to exchange blows. Back on their feet, Orton is in control. Punk kicks him in the gut, but then runs into a clothesline. Punk counters a scoop slam only to walk into a back body drop. Punk kicks him in the side of the head from the apron. Punk signals for the GTS. Punk lifts him up, but Orton scurries off. He misses an RKO but hits a backbreaker. Punk kicks out of a cover; Orton is pounding on the mat and looking for the RKO.

Dolph Ziggler runs down to the ring to interfere! Orton knocks Punk out of the ring and the referee calls for the bell.


Punk gets back into the ring and the numbers game begins to wear on Orton. Lawler gets into the ring and helps Orton kick the other out!


Jerry Lawler & Randy Orton v. CM Punk & Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero

Orton takes down Ziggler and brings in Lawler. Jerry goes to the second rope and drops a fist, and then another! Ziggler is able to get to his feet and hits a dropkick. Ziggler is in full control as he stomps on Lawler. He gets behind him and unloads with a series of punches. Ziggler is taunting Lawler on as he walks around the ring. Ziggler goes for a cover, but Lawler kicks out. Lawler lifts Ziggler up into the air and hits a back drop. Lawler is crawling towards the corner and tags in Orton. He hits a couple of clotheslines and a scoop slam. Ziggler counters suspended DDT by tossing Orton out of the ring.

Paul Heyman walks his way down to the ring. Punk jumps down to talk to him. It appears that Heyman is informing him that there is really no reason to fight in this match. Vickie is furious and starts to scream at him. Heyman walks over and grabs the WWE Championship and hands it to Punk. The match is continuing in the ring as they speak.

Orton hits an RKO and this match is over.

Winners: Jerry Lawler & Randy Orton


Heyman is in the back with CM Punk and Matt Striker asks what the nature of their relationship is. Punk replies that he is a Paul Heyman guy.

Video Recap: Daniel Bryan & Kane hug it out

Kane and Daniel Bryan are together in the back. Bryan asks what he wants to say to him. Kane asks what he wants to say to him. Their Anger Management counselor appears at the bequest of AJ. He has given some advice to help both men. It will either fix their problems or make them forever broken. It’s going to require that they trust each other.


Heath Slater is in the ring and starts to bury Zack Ryder. Ryder appears on the Titantron and says that he is not his opponent tonight. Instead of Ry-der… it’s Ry-back!

Heath Slater v. Ryback

Slater is chucked out of the ring at the start. He re-enters only to be demolished with a couple of punches. Slater gets to his feet and kicks Ryback a couple of times. He even hits a DDT, but a cover is quickly kicked out of. Ryback knocks him to his senses with a devastating clothesline. He follows up with a Powerbomb and then Shell Shock. This match is over.

Winner via Shell Shock: Ryback

AJ is in her office and the Prime Time Players walk in. AJ says that they are no longer the #1 Contenders for the Tag Team Championships. Up next they will face Kane & Daniel Bryan.

Darren Young & Titus O’Neil v. Daniel Bryan & Kane

Kane and Titus start the match off. Kane takes control and pushes Titus towards the corner. Bryan is roughly tagged into the match. Bryan pushes Bryan towards the corner and unloads with a series of punches. Young gets the tag. He gets behind Bryan for a choke. Titus gets the tag once again and chokes his neck against the second rope. Bryan starts to kick and fight his way back. Titus responds with a side breaker. He kicks Bryan in the side a couple of times. He chokes his neck while stretching out his face. Bryan and Young get into a quick exchange before Bryan is brought down to the mat via a rear headlock.

Bryan gets to his feet and connects with a couple of kicks and then a suplex. Kane tells Bryan to tag him, but Bryan doesn’t want to. Bryan climbs to the top turnbuckle, but Young moves out of the way. Young goes for the cover, but Bryan kicks out. Young returns to the rear headlock. Bryan escapes, but still refuses to tag in Kane. He gets to his feet and kicks Young repeatedly in the chest.

Kane has had enough and tags himself in. He knocks Titus off of the apron and then turns his attention to Young. Kane leaps from the top rope with a clothesline and then hits a chokeslam! Titus runs into the ring, but Kane tosses him out. Bryan tags himself into the match and has a huge grin on his face. Kane is not pleased and lifts Bryan up into the air. He chokeslams Bryan on top of Young which causes Bryan to get the pin!

Winners & #1 Contenders for the Tag Team Titles: Kane & Daniel Bryan


Alberto Del Rio v. Tyson Kidd

Kidd hits a spin kick. Del Rio hits him with a spinning backbreaker. He gets behind Tyson and applies a neck clutch. Tyson starts to fight back but gets head butted. Kidd dodges a slide which sends Rio out of the ring. He gets back inside but moves out of the way of a springboard elbow from Kidd. Rio goes for a submission, but Kidd is able to counter and apply the Sharpshooter! The crowd appreciates the hold, but Rio makes it to the bottom rope. Tyson misses on a leg drop which gives Rio the opening for the Cross Arm Breaker. Kidd has no choice but to tap.

Winner via Submission: Alberto Del Rio

After the match Del Rio grabs a mic and asks if Sheamus is watching this. He says that he just destroyed Kidd and is going to take the World Heavyweight Title.

Cole announces that Lawler collapsed earlier at ringside tonight. This is not part of the entertainment of the show. He is in the back right now and they are engaging in CPR.


Sheamus v. David Otunga

They exchange blows and Otunga is actually able to knock him down to the mat and get in some kicks. Sheamus is furious and knees him repeatedly in the side. He sets him up on the apron and clubs him. Sheamus hits a backbreaker and locks on the Cloverleaf. This match is over.

Winner via Submission: Sheamus

Michael Cole did not say anything during this match.

After the match, Sheamus re-enters and signals that he is going for the Brogue Kick. He demolishes Otunga!

AJ’s music hits and she says that Sheamus clearly defied authority.

Booker T’s music hits and cuts her off. He says that this is his situation to handle. T says that Sheamus knows not to use the kick. Booker T says that the next time he uses the kick, he will forfeit the World Heavyweight Championship.


Bryan and Kane are in the back with their counselor. He says it is a triumph that they came together. They begin to bicker about their team name and walk off together in a huff.

Cole is back on commentary. He again says that what he is about to say is not part of the entertainment. Lawler has been taken to a local hospital where he is breathing on his own. Cole says that there will be no further commentary on the show out of respect for Jerry. They will try to provide us with another update before the show goes off the air.


Rey Mysterio v. Cody Rhodes

Rhodes pushes him back towards the corner and knees him in the gut. Rey is met with a knee to the face. Rhodes signals for the end and lifts Rey up into the air and plants him face first. Rey sends him out of the ring. Rey leaps of the apron for a running hurricarana. They get back into the ring which allows Rhodes to hit a flash kick. Rey responds with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Rey kicks Rhodes hard in the face and goes for the cover. Rey leaps off the top rope with a seated senton.

The Miz runs down to the ring, but Rey kicks him off the apron. This allows Rhodes to hit Cross Rhodes and end the match.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

After the match, Rhodes hits Miz with his finisher as well.


Michael Cole gives another update about Lawler. He is in isolated E.R. and is becoming more responsive. Cole encourages Lawler to pull through it.


Bret Hart makes his way down to the ring, and brings out John Cena. Cena thanks Hart for the interview. Hart says that Cena’s feud with Punk reminds him of his own feud with Shawn Michaels. They started as friends and ended with a rivalry over a Championship that almost consumed their lives. Hart says Cena is like Hart, and Punk is like Michaels. Cena thanks him for comparing himself to him. Cena says that differences between Michaels and Punk are obvious. The crowd chants, “You Can’t Wrestle”.

Cena says that lately Punk has been an insecure guy that needs to constantly tell people that he is the best. Hart is the greatest because he stands for something. They call Punk phony.

Punk comes out and asks if he really called him a phony. Cena says that yes, Hart really called him a phony. Cena calls him a phony as well. He says that Punk can either stay up on the ramp, or come down into the ring. Punk says it’s funny that they biggest phony in the history of the WWE is trying to point the finger at Punk. He claims it almost breaks his heart to see Cena and Hart in the ring together. He says the way that Cena and Hart are alike is that they have been surpassed by someone much better. Punk says he can’t be compared to Shawn Michaels because he is better than Michaels. Punk even puts himself over and claims he is better than Steve Austin. He says he is better than The Rock. He is the best wrestler, talker, technician & brawler. He says these things because they are the truth. It makes him anything but a phony.

Cena says that if anything Punk is a conceited scumbag. Cena says that Montreal is a very honest city. While the WWE refers to the building as bizarro world, the truth is they tell the WWE the truth. Cena says that Punk has held the belt for 300 days, and for 300 days the belt has been irrelevant. He hasn’t even main evented a PPV in 9 months. The night that Punk was the loudest was the night that his mic was turned off. Cena says that Punk promised change, but it wasn’t anything that he said he wanted at the time. The only change was that Punk became a star. Cena went from an underdog to the odds on favorite. It’s been a terrible year for Cena between Punk, Wrestlemania and so much more. But everything that he has done, he has done by himself. Cena even chastises Punk for stealing the elbow of the late Randy Savage.

It’s all because CM Punk can’t figure out who he is. Punk thinks that because he has the belt he deserves respect, but he has to earn it. At Night of Champions Punk will have to find a new identity. At NOC he is in serious jeopardy of losing the belt. Cena speaks to the crowd in French. Punk says that Cena has lowered himself to speak to the people in their language. Cena doesn’t lower himself, they are the reason that he is here. Cena is fired up and calls Punk a little bitch. Cena says he is going to kick Punk’s ass at Night of Champions!

Cena and Punk stare at each other eye to eye and look ready to fight. Hart drops the microphone and punches Punk in the face! Punk rolls out of the ring. Cena and Hart celebrate together in the ring.

Cole closes the show by announcing that Lawler is now stabilized and breathing on his own.

David’s Thoughts

My thoughts and prayers are with Jerry Lawler tonight

It was a solid opening segment with the returning Hitman. There was clearly a lot of emotion in the air tonight. Hart received a lengthy ovation. He is still awkward on the mic, and at times it was painful to listen to him struggle through some phrases against Punk. Overall it was a pretty powerful segment that cast Punk in one of his heeliest moments to date. It’s important for the home audience to see him boo’ed as some of them will attend the show next week and carry on the heat. Wrestling angles are snowballs in that fashion.

The tag team match was fun and quick. Antonio Cesaro continues to impress me with his WWE run. He is one of those guys on the Indies who came across as genuinely nice and well liked so it is a pleasure to see him succeed. And, as my Teachers’ Lounge co-host much appreciates, Cesaro is an adamant coffee aficionado.

The Deposition with Sheamus and David Otunga was fantastic. I laughed out loud at a couple of the jokes and really got a kick out of Sheamus singing Hava Nagila at the end. They adopted a different film style for the segment, similar to what we’ve seen in the Anger Management sketches, and I think it is a successful medium. It comes across as purposely campy which adds to its effectiveness as an entertainment product.

Women wrestled.

Lawler received a decent little pop when he hopped into the ring to aid Orton.

Heyman’s role was nearly perfect. His conversation with Punk came across well on TV and seemed realistic. Poor Ziggler was crushed in the ring whilst Punk casually chatted with Heyman.

Punk dropping the Paul Heyman guy line was a nice callback.

Can’t believe that I’m about to say this, but Ryback is starting to grow on me. I guess I’m a sucker for slow builds.

I had a very difficult time believing that Young and Titus could control Bryan the way that they were. That being said I did enjoy the match. The ending was clever given the whole Anger Management theme.

Kidd looked decent in his match, but did not get as much of a reaction from the crowd as I expected.

Otunga got his ass handed to him. Plain and simple.

The Rey/Rhodes match was very bizarre without commentary as was the rest of the night.

Cena was on fire in the final segment of the night. Fired up Cena had grown tiring, but it’s been awhile since we’ve seen him like this. When he’s on he’s simply one of the best. His speech was necessary to add some doubt over whether or not Punk will retain the Title.

David Stephens
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