Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey to make MSG debut in July

It was announced at last night’s live event in New York City that Ronda Rousey would be making her Madison Square Garden debut with WWE on July 7th this year.

WWE also announced at yesterday’s press conference that Rousey would also be wrestling at next year’s WrestleMania 35 event at MetLife Stadium.


Dana Brooke pays tribute to late boyfriend

WWE has uploaded a clip from the next episode of “WWE 24” on the WWE Network profiling the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble back in January and Dana Brooke paying tribute to her late boyfriend during the match.

The new episode will premiere this Monday night following RAW.

You can check out the clip below courtesy of WWE.


  1. Brock is on his way out again so they are replacing him with Ronda. It’s the very reason why they booted Asuka to Smackdown because they wanna make Ronda Rousey the top dog on Raw. It’s not fair to the other girls that have been there busting their asses to get a push and it’s not fair that Ronda gets an express pass to the spotlight and doesn’t have to earn her wings by going through NXT first. I can understand when WWE plays favorites for talent that has been with the company for a long time, but to play favorites for someone who has never even had a match is complete horseshit. Nothing personal against Ronda, but hiring her is an insult to all the female talent that had to go through NXT and bust their asses and have still yet to get a push.

  2. I agree. I hated the fact the 70s show had Aston Kutcher cast- it was his first time on TV. They should have used actors who had paid their dues. Rhonda walks right in after paying no dues- while all those girls were honing their craft she was playing around winning medals in the olympics and being UFC champion. They should have learned their lesson with Kurt Angle after letting him on RAW so soon after he started with WWE- when so many other wrestlers had been practicing longer.

  3. Rhonda is a former UFC champion and the most dominant female of the last few years. Damn straight she’s paid her dues.

    She’s a tremendous draw, and yes, while green, I have a feeling she’ll be a quick learn.

    That girl is ba$nk. And she doesn’t need to be champion to be a huge draw.

    Not everyone needs to go through NXT.

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