Brock Lesnar

As noted in our live report recap, WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar defeated Kane in around 35 seconds at last night’s WWE live event in Chicago, Illinois.

In what was WWE’s first appearance at the United Center in well over a decade, Lesnar made an appearance that lasted only minutes after a scheduled appearance on RAW this past Monday night following Elimination Chamber never took place.

Paul Heyman took to Twitter before the event, noting that Lesnar would still be fulfilling all contractual obligations with the company by appearing at the live event in Chicago. This all appears to be part of the storyline heading into WrestleMania 34 this year where Lesnar will defend the Universal Championship against Roman Reigns, playing up that Lesnar is only showing up when he feels like it and having Reigns play into that in promos.

Despite these fairly obvious storyline plans by WWE heading into the biggest event of the year in a few weeks in New Orleans, fans who attended the live event on Saturday night in Chicago were reportedly not pleased with the fact that Lesnar was in and out of the the ring in only minutes. Video was uploaded to Twitter of the entire match with Kane, including audible disappointment from those in attendance.

WWE also uploaded footage to Twitter as well of the match.

It should be noted that the actual main event last night featured John Cena vs. Roman Reigns. So while fans may have been unhappy with Lesnar’s quick appearance, it didn’t close the show and was the fifth match on the card in Chicago.


  1. This guy is hurting the business. Don’t care what people say. Barely shows up, except for Heyman to talk, and wrestles triple threats every other month. Not exactly a workhorse.

  2. More like stop going, unsubscribe, stop watching, just stop supporting WWEvil, you brainwashed plebeians!

  3. Let me guess – the crowd wouldn’t stop chanting CM Punk. Maybe if you’d stop chanting that the WWE would treat you more kindly

  4. I agree that Lesnar’s involvement, while perhaps working short term for WWE, is also hurting the belt, and the business (for WWE) BUT it’s not on him as much as WWE – they’ve always defined the talent as independent contractors and Lesnar just happens to be the one that is openly working the game BUT it’s WWE that allowed it to be set that way and continues to allow it – they always say no one is bigger than the company and yet they let just one talent prove that he is. I mean Hogan basically built WWE in the early days and although what he did deserved separation from him for a bit, he almost always did what was right for the WWE while there (WCW is a different story) and yet Lesnar has gotten way more privilege than Hogan (or even Austin / Rock) including being immune to testing – this is a long comment to simply say this one is on WWE and they let Lesnar build brand Lesnar the way he wanted.

  5. Yes I agree, when I say Lesnar, you’re right, I mean “WWE’s storyline for Lesnar”. They are responsible, but I lost interest in the Lesnar thing over a year ago

  6. Would that be kind of like stop click on WWE related posts and commenting if you truly hate like WWE and everything about it? same idea?

  7. Not the same at all, I know people that went to this show and encouraged anyone within earshot not to go, and this is what they got. Rome was not built in a day, it won’t be taken down in a day either, support your local independent wrestling, the fight continues!

  8. The WWE is hurting the WWE by bastardizing wrestling, not because of any 1 wrestler. You need to go back to wrestling kindergarten Colby.

  9. Kane is no longer fearsome or intimidating. To get punked out to Brock in 35 seconds is absolutely embarassing. He should just stay away from wrestling and concentrate on politics. The Big Red Machine is no more.

  10. He was underrated back in 2002-2004 despite being overpushed but since he came back in 2012 he’s overrated as ..

  11. He stopped being intimidating when they turned him face multiple times. 1999 was when they really ruined Kane.

  12. All part of the plan. They’re turning both the casuals and the smarks against Lesnar, giving Roman edgy “shoot” promos where he says he’s going for Lesnar on the mic matter what “they” backstage tell him… the idea pretty clearly seems to be to get rid of Roman’s “handpicked golden boy” image and get people thinking Lesnar doesn’t deserve to be champion. So far, seems to be working over the last couple of weeks.

  13. This is A brilliant move by Vince McMahon to finally get Roman Reigns over… Lots of fans did not want to see Reigns and Lesnar… Now by making Lesnar a guy that pisses everyone off… The fans will be behind Roman in New Orleans… it took 3 plus years but they finally found a way to get Roman over to the fans.

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