The Melbourne Herald-Sun indicated in a report (subscriber only) that WWE was close to finalizing plans to run the 100,000-seat MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) stadium in Melbourne, Australia some time in early October for a live PPV event.

The deal was described as being negotiated between Visit Victoria and the local tourism board as a way to entice tourists to the city. An official announcement regarding the show is expected to take place some time on April 8, the day of WrestleMania 34.

WWE’s last big event in Australia took place at the 55,000-seat Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, a show headlined by The Rock vs. Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar as part of the “Global Warning” tour. Hulk Hogan was advertised, but quit the company a few weeks prior.

Source: The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online


  1. They had 100,021 at the MCG last year. But you could fit more in there with seats on the ground.

  2. Had that for what…WWE? Or the final of the cricket league?

    I can’t imagine there being a card good enough to draw in 100k. I realize the Aussies don’t get many shows, but unless you get like Brock/Undertaker/HHH/Rock/Bryan I just don’t see how you draw in 100,000. Also symptomatic of them not building enough TRUE stars. Cuz you could have Seth vs. AJ or something awesome and it still just doesn’t feel the same.

  3. They’d have to make it a PPV with a bunch of surprise returns (I.e. Bryan to the Ring, Hogan to the company) and legend stuff as well I’m thinking. If it was for Mania and not in October mind you, that would be a different story all together.

  4. Another article here suggests The Undertaker and Rey Mysterio are other names being thrown around. https://www.foxsports.com.au/wwe/mcg-to-host-a-wwe-pro-wrestling-pay-per-view-event-in-early-october-2018-report/news-story/a55ff71940bb9ef5d0d93c4bb9ed5069

    The timing will be interesting whether it is held during the morning (11am) in Australia to suit the North American market or even earlier to include the UK/Europe……..or leave it as the usual 7/8pm start time like the “Beast in the East” show from Japan a few years ago.

    Melbourne doesn’t get much rain throughout the year, but October certainly isn’t the driest month, so that could make things interesting for the crowd in the outdoor venue.

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