Sporting News is featuring an article about FOX showing interested in the WWE television rights when they expire with NBC Universal next year.

The article notes that NBC’s “exclusive negotiating period” with WWE ends this spring and FOX executives are said to be very interested in WWE programming.

This news comes days after FOX executives attended the Smackdown Live taping this past Tuesday night in Los Angeles, including Fox Sports personality Colin Cowherd. Cowherd even hinted at a possible relationship on the air this week.

The article also claims that FOX is “dangling the opportunity” to air Monday Night RAW on the networks broadcast channel, with Smackdown Live airing on FS1 on cable. This means RAW could be seen in 115 million homes should it air on broadcast TV.

While WWE declined to comment on the FOX rumors, they did confirm that that the company plans to announce its future U.S. television partner between May and September of this year. The deal with NBC Universal expires on September 30, 2019.

The UFC became a major partner with FOX back in 2011, with that current deal expiring on December 31 this year. A source quoted in the article stated FOX would definitely try to get WWE programming and drop UFC. UFC has been meeting with ESPN, Turner Sports, CBS and NBC. Amazon is another potential suitor for the mixed martial arts giant as well.


  1. Perhaps doesn’t want to financially be leveraged thin by meeting the demands of both brand while both have many interested parties – seems like it’s WWE and UFC’s deals to lose!

  2. why don’t these stations look at other cheaper companies like roh, impact or even corgans nwa?

  3. Raw on Fox is going to end up being ULTRA scrutinised by the media and the public as a whole. As a result, you’ll get 3 hours of “family fun”, celebrity appearances and lots and lots of commercials.

    On a business standpoint? The McMahons will be laughing all the way to the bank as this will just eliminate any negative light the company may have. And let’s be honest, this is also a huge audition so they can sell Fox the XFL.

  4. on a side note, did not disney once be touted as a potential buyer of the wwe and, haven’t disney just bought fox?

  5. Why would FOX put a low-rated TV show on their main network? In fact, why would FOX be interested in the WWE at all? Their ratings have been tanking for years. Shouldn’t Comcast’s lack of interest in the WWE be suffice enough to avoid them at all costs?

  6. RAW is consistently in the Top 10 shows on cable the entire year. Same for Smackdown Live. The entire television landscape has seen a dramatic shift in how people consume content. Comparing television ratings to 1999 is no longer a viable argument. That’s why FOX is interested. WWE brings in ratings.

  7. DId you see where RAW & SmackDown rank on cable TV, WWE’s Q4 results, and RAW & SD’s rank in social media, and WWE’s stock or are you just plain stupid?

  8. Because those companies don’t bring in the ratings the WWE does, nor do they have the name recognition.

    They’ll make far more money with the WWE, it’s a worthwhile investment.

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