Jeremy Borash

As covered earlier today, longtime TNA/Impact Wrestling personality Jeremy Borash has signed with WWE according to a report by

While neither Borash or WWE have publicly confirmed the signing as of this evening, more details have started to emerge about possible plans for Borash in the company.

According to new reports by both and The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online, Borash will reportedly be taking on some kind of role with NXT. The same report by PWInsider indicated that the hiring of Borash was a call made by Triple H.

It isn’t known when Borash will officially start with WWE, but the belief is that he has fulfilled all of his prior obligations with Impact Wrestling and would be available to begin with the company at the NXT TV tapings this Thursday night in Atlanta.

It should be noted that when Impact announced it was creating a new 24/7 channel on Twitch, Borash was slated to host a new weekly video podcast by reviving the popular Live Audio Wrestling show that was previously part of the Fight Network. Those plans are now clearly off despite the launch of the channel only a few weeks ago.


  1. This is rather interesting. Curious to see how they use him on NXT on the assumption Mauro Renalo stays. Not sure about those two both on commentary but it’d be cool to see Borash in a backstage interview Kevin Kelly-esque role. No offence to the women doing the backstage interviews these days but they get treated pretty interchangeably; it’d be nice to have someone with a bit of age, acting ability and experience doing it.

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