Jeremy Borash

Longtime TNA Wrestling/Impact Wrestling personality Jeremy Borash has been hired by WWE according to a new report by Mike Johnson of this morning.

Borash has reportedly finished up his duties with Impact Wrestling, which included doing voiceovers for new episodes of Impact last Thursday and filming footage for the company at Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore event last Friday in Philadelphia.

According to the report by PWInsider, Borash was backstage at WWE events this past weekend in Philadelphia for Royal Rumble weekend. He was said to be telling people he was just visiting friends if he was asked or spotted by those backstage.

Outside of a brief stint with WCW, Borash was among the class of “TNA Originals” that included Abyss and James Storm who were still working for the company. Storm has since departed the company, leaving Abyss (Chris Park) as the only one remaining.

Borash handled a number of production and creative duties with Impact for over 15 years and was literally the face of the company when it came to publicity, ring announcing at live events (including the first ever TNA house show back in 2006) and video on YouTube. He worked very closely with Matt and Jeff Hardy producing the “Broken” footage as well.

David Lagana, a former producer for WWE and Impact, issued the following.

Borash has yet to comment on the hiring as of Tuesday morning, nor has WWE provided any official comment about the report at this time.


  1. It’s odd that WWE always grabs the best of the best, but we are still subjected to main event boring crap like Braun Strowman growling, Miz running his mouth, and tag belts that no one cares about.

  2. Yes, probably not NXT, and Smackdown would be better if Roode and Charlotte were both heels, but I don’t think either of them work as faces.

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