WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon, who created the new Alpha Entertainment entity late last year, announced on Thursday afternoon that the XFL would be returning in 2020.

The football league, which had its inaugural season in 2001 and ended after only one season, will be returning with a new approach in two years according to McMahon.

McMahon held a live call with members of the media on Thursday.

You can check out highlights below via our tweets below as we covered the call live.

You can watch the entire announcement below.


  1. Well, at least it seems he’s learned his biggest lesson from the last time, as there is to be no crossing over of wrestling personalities into the XFL or vice versa. That was probably what screwed the XFL’s chances from the get-go the first time around. Not saying it would’ve failed anyway, but that most certainly did not help its cause at all.

  2. The only reason XFL failed is because everyone jumped on that it’s fake because its run by Vince, how is it fake if NFL stole ideas and players from XFL, ie: the above the field camera shot and the XFL MVP that year

  3. people often forget that Freedom of Speech applies to government interference personal speech. at the job, the employer has plenty of discretion as to what their employees can say. most jobs want to avoid anything that could bring in bad publicity.

  4. Teams will be;

    Monterey, CA
    West Palm Beach, FL
    Greenwich, CT
    The Hamptons, NY
    Telluride, CO
    Hilton Head, SC

    And of course

    Parts Unknown, USA

  5. only 8 teams? ok… so how are they going to do a playoff format with only 8 teams, 2 teams per conference get in which and only have one playoff game per conference until the championship game? lol how about getting at least 16 teams on board first before restarting the xfl. that way you’ll have 2 divisions in a conference that will makeup 4 teams in each division and have 4 teams in each conference get in the playoffs with 2 round conference playoff games.

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