Enzo Amore

Following the release of former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore (Eric Arndt) on Tuesday, a lot of questions and focus was put on WWE and the decision they made just 24 hours after announcing that Amore had been suspended by the company.

In the days that followed, wrestling media outlets Fightful.comPWInsider.com and The Wrestling Observer Newsletter all reported that WWE was not happy at all to discover the allegations against Amore the same way the general public did.

One report stated that the decision to release Amore was “already decided” after his initial suspension was announced on Monday shortly before RAW 25. It also reportedly didn’t help matters when Amore admitted to being aware of the Phoenix Police Department investigation to WWE officials when he was confronted about the allegations.

The general consensus is that WWE would never have invested as much time into Amore’s character on television as a singles act and later in his transition to becoming the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion as part of 205 Live had they been made aware that he was the subject of a current and ongoing police investigation dating back to October of last year.

WWE hasn’t exactly tried to hide Amore’s issues backstage within the company in the last year, with Corey Graves specifically addressing it on his new WWE Network show while interviewing Amore. Newly crowned WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz even made mention of the stories making the rounds in a promo on WWE television.

One thing emphasized in many of the reports was that WWE making the decision to release Amore was not them believing he was guilty based on the current allegations against them, but rather being very upset that he didn’t inform the company about the ongoing investigation and that this was the “last straw” so to speak with him.


  1. Yeah, I’m not gonna lie, if I was in their shoes, I’d have done the exact same thing. This asshole has done enough backstage to make people hate him, but now to learn that he let them push him to the moon while withholding this kind of information is just unacceptable, even if he is eventually found to be innocent. And let’s be clear: At this time, he is still innocent until proven guilty. But he nonetheless did this much, and now he has to face the consequences.

  2. being an asshole shouldn’t get you fired. sexually harassing women should. If he’s just an asshole, then he shouldn’t lose his contract over it.

  3. I am not wanting to make light of the situation with rape because it is an evil issue that has been swept under the rug for far too long. However, I think Enzo was walking on thin ice to begin with and he has made no bones about the fact that what you see on TV is who he is 24/7, so in real life, he is just an awful person. Need I remind you of him insulting Cass after his injury, taking cheap shots at Corey Graves over his concussions, constantly bragging about his celebrity outings. The only thing that kept him this long was his merch sales but you had to believe many in the brass were hoping for those to go down so they could finally can him. It is unfortunate this was the situation but I was pretty sure it was coming sooner than later

  4. The issue is not over innocence or guilt. The problem is Enzo had knowledge of these allegations and did not tell WWE brass and waited until after he got the big push for these to come out. Your employer has the right to terminate you if you put them in a terrible position PR wise which is what Enzo did.

  5. You know, I could see both sides of the argument regarding whether to bring him back or not, but personally…No. Not unless he can prove to me that he can clean up his act. And if he doesn’t want to and go work for somewhere else like Impact, fine. Let him be someone else’s problem.

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