Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated is featuring an article about Anthem no longer looking to step in and prevent the “Broken” Matt Hardy character from appearing on WWE TV.

As noted in our recap this past Monday night, Matt Hardy started to tease the arrival of his “Broken” character after losing a match to Bray Wyatt and sitting down in the corner.

Hardy sent out a series of tweets after Monday night, instead using #WOKEN.

Sports Illustrated reached out to Anthem (the owners of Impact Wrestling) and Ed Nordholm asking if they intend to still block the usage of the character on WWE television. As documented, Nordholm had stated that all usage of the characters were the intellectual property rights of Anthem based on the contracts the Hardy signed at the time.

However, based on this new statement, that no longer appears to be the case:

“We have seen the character development and will be interested to see where they take the concept. Our new talent agreements all incorporate language that allow talent to continue to use their IMPACT persona after they leave the company. We are working with our legal team to amend our existing agreements to extend this to all of our current and former talent.”

It would appear any conflicts Anthem has had with both Matt and Reby Hardy may be coming to an end based on the statement released this week.

We reported two weeks ago that “Broken” Matt Hardy trademark will be published for opposition effective December 19, giving any parties 30 days to file.


  1. It’s too late now. You heard the reactions last night, nobody cares anymore. Five people were chanting “delete”. Backtrack to Wrestlemania, the grandest stage of them all: The Hardy Boyz got the loudest pop of the night, louder than Reigns, Cena, Triple H, everyone. The crowd went ballistic and everyone was chanting “delete” and “obsolete” because Matt Hardy was the most talked about character in wrestling at the time. WWE ruined him. Throwing him on the Main Event show to job out to mid-carders didn’t help either.

  2. Notice how this all happens after Jeff Jarrett is no longer with the company and in WWE sponsered rehap(and I do hope he gets all the help he needs).

  3. So how long will it be before Vince starts trying to claim ownership of the “Broken” name and gimmick for himself like he did with the Dudley Boys?

  4. maybe thats what anthem was waiting for was the hype to go down so they wouldnt have missed out on that money train if a deal wasn’t reached with the wwe at that time to get a piece of that money pie and now that it has they’re like meh we don’t care anymore…

  5. See the article on the “Broken” trademark update details. Anthem allowing it happen appears to suggest they are not going to dispute that ruling. So Matt can use that in any way he wishes.

  6. Personally I think it’ll still work IF WWE let’s it build properly and Matt can be a bit innovative with it – Matt has proven that he can turn turds into gold before and he still got a bigger reaction than Wyatt in their entrances…nothing to do with the Broken character but just the fact that he is over in general…time will tell though because WWE may restrict him enough to make sure it doesn’t work!

  7. Anthem reviewed the case and realized that losing to Bray Wyatt would make anyone “broken” and could not, in good conscience, stop it from happening.

  8. Probably not, because Marvel Comics owned the trademarks to the Hulk Hogan name and derivatives and simply licensed the name to whichever promotion the Hulkster worked for between 1984 and 2004; plus, Hulkamania actually got its start in the AWA and, beyond the WWF/WWE, carried over to New Japan, WCW and TNA.

  9. Only partly. Hulk and the fans had a lot to do with that success and it dates back to his AWA days, as well as the other companies I mentioned.

  10. So sad how the WWE can’t come up with it’s own unique story lines and yet has to steal gimmicks from a prior promotion-so sad

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