Riott Squad

WWE introduces the Riott Squad

During last night’s Smackdown Live, the Riott Squad was officially revealed as the new name for the group consisting of NXT stars Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan.

As reported earlier, Ruby Riott has undergone a slight name change with the company adding an extra “t” in her last night shortly before Smackdown went live.

You can check out the promo below courtesy of WWE.

Videos after 11/28 Smackdown Live

WWE posted these videos after last night’s Smackdown Live in Lexington.


  1. I actually like the RiottSquad more than Absolution. At least the know how to make an impact. The extra T is kinda corny,but still an impressive group. Nothing against Sonya or Mandy but Paige is meh these days for obvious reasons,and Asuka would’ve probably been better off feuding with the RiottSquad if I thought this was going to lead up to her finally losing. She’s too good to lose to someone like Paige (who conducted herself in a negative light).

  2. The extra t is purely for marketing and merchandise purposes I would think and makes perfect sense from that point of view.

  3. Sorry but for me, without the title, Jinder just doesn’t cut it. It was dumb to have him go to India without the title(which is happening next week).

  4. Yup. It seems like such a waste now. WWE invested so much time and money in him. I can’t fathom why they’d take such a huge step back, right when its time to go to India.

  5. The blonde bimbo does not fit with this team, why does Heidi Lovelace need a team anyways, she’s a bad ass enough on her own. This is more wwevil BS

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