NXT star

Slight name change for called up NXT star

Newly called up NXT star Ruby Riot has undergone a slight name change ahead of tonight’s episode of Smackdown Live from Lexington.

Her WWE.com profile is now listing her as Ruby Riott instead, with an extra “t” in her last name. Promotion for tonight’s Smackdown Live is also including the name change.

She’s yet to officially make the new last name change on her social media.

Edge and Goldberg TV roles

WWE.com has revealed new TV roles for Adam “Edge” Copeland and Bill Goldberg.

Goldberg will star CW’s “The Flash”, while Edge will star on History’s “Vikings.”


  1. i wish i could think of a joke about the name change but it’s so stupid that the name it self is a joke

  2. go on any anime site and you’ll see worse then mine at least my actual name is still present

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