Nia Jax

Nia Jax admits to “body shaming” in WWE

WWE star Nia Jax posted a video to Instagram of her running on a treadmill and being subjected to “body shaming” on social media being in the spotlight with WWE.

Jax also noted that she has felt the same criticism within WWE.

“In this line of work and with the world of social media, I am subjected to body shaming & it’s something I have accepted. It sucks when you get it in your own backyard around people you’re changing in front of and trust with your body.”

You can check out her full post below.

Emma’s first post-WWE date

Wrestle-Pro has announced that former WWE star Emma (Tenille Dashwood) will be making her first post-WWE independent appearance on February 3, 2018 in Rahway, New Jersey.


  1. WHATEVER shape or size you are, do not allow someone to shame their perfectly beautiful body

    So to me she looks like she is trying to lose weight because of iy, That being said, I think she is fine, nothing wrong with an amazon, and she has a great personality, I hope she doesnt change because of this. Only you can feel shame, people can’t give it to you.

  2. Chicks are bitches to each other, insecure and an out is to make an issue of another chicks so called negatives. Dudes don’t give a shit if another dude is fat. THAT is why Joe, Bray and Cassius aren’t relevant in this

  3. People should strictly act on what Nia Jax advocated – “all bodies are beautiful”.
    My two cents – beauty lies in the eyes of beholder

    She’s not obese and proud of herself
    God speed Jax

  4. Haha the sexism argument, when a dumb person has no come back, not anti woman at all, it’s a fact Oprah.

  5. You were lying about hard working women which prompted me to bash you human.

    Please don’t generalize about any group because not all women are boastful and gossipers.
    The same goes for men as well as transgenders

  6. Not bashing any hard working women. I love Nia, Ive heard her on podcasts and she’s awesome, But these are the facts – Men are brutal, women are cruel and insecure. Regardless of the women’s movement, they will turn on each other in a heartbeat when need be. They all know they are insecure and the first thing they will do to knock down another woman is attack their confidence and self esteem. Guys will get physical, women get psychological, even if they are as dumb as stumps, it’s instinct. I have no problem with any of the divas, but guys rarely care about a physical criticism from another guy, so it never evolves. But women have that sharp sharp sword called a tongue. and they know how to use it. I was just hoping Nia wasn’t in the gym losing weight because she was being picked on, to me she looks fine as she is, I don’t know how good she would look at her height and as skinny as a rake. Those are the facts I mentioned before. When people call women bitches it’s because of how nasty and stinging they can be whether in defensive or offensive mode. I love women, but I;m not going to try and make them out to all be angels who have no bite. I’m nowhere near sexist, Im a realist and honest. That’s all I was saying.

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