Chavo Guerrero

Chavo Guerrero on WWE stars auditioning for “GLOW”

Chavo Guerrero, Kimmy Gatewood and Rebecca Johnson of Netflix’s “GLOW” series joined Chris Jericho on the latest edition of the “Talk is Jericho” podcast to discuss Chavo’s role as a stunt coordinator for the show and behind the scenes discussion.

Jericho revealed that he auditioned for the role on the show that ended up going to former WWE star Alex Riley (Kevin Robert Kiley Jr.). Guerrero also revealed during the podcast that WWE star The Miz also auditioned for the same role as well.

Filming for the second season of “GLOW” is now in progress.


Paige return

Ricky Knight, the father of WWE star Paige, took to Twitter earlier this week to address the return of his daughter to WWE television and the obstacles she overcame in the last year.

Knight mainly thanked WWE for “sticking by her.”


  1. Translation: Thank god they let her come back after a year on the Jerry Springer porno circuit. Jizzing on the NXT title probably gave her bonus points with Vince, she fits in well with his evil empire!

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