Luke Harper and Erick Rowan

Note on Luke Harper and Erick Rowan is now listing Luke Harper and Erick Rowan simply as Harper and Rowan.

The two debuted under the new Bludgeon Brothers tag team name on Smackdown Live this past Tuesday night in Houston, getting a win over The Hype Bros.

If you missed the segment, you can check out a highlight below courtesy of WWE.

WWE Live dates in UK in May 2018 confirmed the following dates for the company’s next European tour in May 2018 including the scheduled RAW and Smackdown Live tapings in London.

* Bournemouth, England (May 9)
* Belfast, Northern Ireland (May 10)
* Dublin, Ireland (May 11)
* London, England (May 14, RAW taping)
* London, England (May 15, Smackdown Live taping)
* Birmingham, England (May 15)
* Liverpool, England (May 16)
* Newcastle, England (May 17)
* Sheffield, England (May 18)

Additional dates announced earlier this week includes:

* Oberhausen, Germany (May 10)
* Braunschweig, Germany (May 11)
* Bremen, Germany (May 12)
* Prague, Czech Republic (May 13)
* Budapest, Hungary (May 14)
* Geneva, Switzerland (May 16)
* Vienna, Austria (May 17)
* Munich, Germany (May 20)


  1. So stupid, like everything else about pro wrestling today. Its actually quite fitting that they have regular one-word names. It matches the bland one-dimensional characters that they have: just a bunch of regular looking people that you see on the street every day.

  2. I think WWE should change things up and start giving people longer names, like Lucas Ebenezer Harper and Erick Alexander Johansen Rowan. It would be so much cooler than the single names that roll off the tongue and are easy to chant.

  3. O like Harper and Rowan, Harper especially, from interviews and stuff he’s done, but anyone else hate the Bludgeon Brothers name? Ergh, I do hope it works for them. As long as I don’t have to hear Micheal Cole repeatedly refer to Shinsuke Nakamura as ‘Shin’ like he did at survivor series. THAT was aggravating

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