WWE PPV schedule

The full WWE PPV schedule for 2018 has been released courtesy of PWInsider.com.

The schedule is listing 14 shows total for next year, down from 16 overall this year. This will include five RAW events, four Smackdown events and five combined events.

One change this year is that the annual Money in the Bank PPV will now be a combined event featuring stars from RAW and Smackdown Live.

Here is how the schedule sits as of now including dates and locations.

* Royal Rumble (January 28, Philadelphia)

* Elimination Chamber (RAW, February 25, Las Vegas)

* Fast Lane (Smackdown, March 11, Columbus)

* WrestleMania 34 (April 8, New Orleans)

* Backlash (RAW, May 6, Newark)

* Payback (Smackdown, May 27, Baltimore)

* Money in the Bank (June 17, Chicago)

* Battleground (RAW, July 15, Pittsburgh)

* SummerSlam (August 19, Brooklyn)

* Extreme Rules (RAW, September 16, San Antonio)

* Hell in a Cell (Smackdown, September 30, Nashville)

* TLC (RAW, October 21, Boston)

* Survivor Series (November 18, Los Angeles)

* Clash of Champions (Smackdown, December 16, San Jose)


  1. No Smackdown PPV between May 28th and September 29th, but two RAW events between July 14th and September 17th… the superstar shake up 2018 must be incredibly one sided

  2. So they promised us 19 PPVs, gave us 16, and now reducing it to 14…. even though they own the network and made more money through monthly subscriptions then they ever did with just PPV alone? makes no sense. More PPVs, more special events more everything… otherwise you’ll lose viewers guaranteed.

  3. Anyone notice that EVERY PPV is in the US? Nothing in Canada or Europe. There are some great cities that haven’t seen a PPV in ages. It’s a shame.

  4. Yes. Make the wrestlers work 350 days a year instead of 300. Take them away from their families so that they are compelled to entertain us. Smart!

  5. I didn’t say I want 50 more ppvs dummy. It’s the life they chose, and are paid well for that sacrifice so know your role and shut your mouth.

  6. The compromise would be to have more PPVs, but give the big names more time off. That would put more mid-card and non-titles matches into PPVs. Not necessarily a bad thing but more content and lower quality would be the likely outcome and that might not be what WWE are aiming for.

  7. As Money in the Bank is now joint, will we get 1 mens match (3 from each Raw/Smackdown) and same with the women? Or will it be 4 ladder matches? Men and women title for each respective show. The issue with joint ppvs, they tend to put most, if not all titles on line leaving non champs to compete in battle royal/squash match or pre show. Scrap the universal title, have just the wwe one. Then if a Smackdown guy has it, Raw do a tournament to Challange at one the big 4 and bring the gold home. Then vise versa. Same with womens title. Then Raw/Smackdown got bragging rights over who got the gold.

  8. even 14 is a fkn joke, more than one per month. they should cut them back to 6 or seven and make each one a proper event.

  9. If I were king of the WWE Universe, I’d hack off at least 2 more brand specific shows, cut all the brand specific shows down closer to 2 hours, and make Clash of Champions a combined show.

  10. It’s way too expensive to do live shows there and justify the costs. The WWE is already cutting shows because their attendance figures are way down, the company is in serious decline.

  11. Attendance is in the toilet, ratings are embarrassingly low, and the network has still yet to cross the 2 million subscriber threshold nearly four years in. Any investor with half a brain would run in the other direction. This is clearly cost cutting.

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