Hideo Itami

During Tuesday night’s edition of 205 Live in Houston, Hideo Itami was announced as “coming soon” to the show to be part of the company’s Cruiserweight Division.

After spending a lengthy career in Japan wrestling for Pro Wrestling NOAH, Itami agreed to terms on a deal with WWE back in 2014 and was brought in to NXT.

He would battle a series of injuries over the last three years while in NXT. Itami had recently been feuding with Kassius Ohno in NXT and wasn’t featured on the last set of TV tapings after losing a No DQ match to Ohno a few weeks ago.

You can check out the promo that aired on 205 Live below earlier tonight.


  1. Oh hey…Hideo…Um welcome back…See while you were gone another Japanese guy filled in for you and, well…see, and you’ll laugh at this, but he was a little more interesting and engaging than you and well, It’s kind of like giving up water for wine and then going back to water…Bummer about your injury and stuff, but there’s a home for you at 205, the K show. Good luck my man

  2. Too bad injuries plaged him from becoming NXT Champion. Hopefully,win the Cruiserweight Championship or a title on RAW (since RAW also has the Cruiserweight division).

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