WWE 24

WWE 24 with Goldberg debuts tonight

The next edition of WWE 24 focusing on Bill Goldberg and his return to the company last year will debut tonight on the WWE Network following RAW.

You can check out a preview below.

Owens and Orton trade jabs

Kevin Owens and Randy Orton have been trading jabs on Twitter since Sunday evening.

Orton started the back-and-forth commenting on a tweet from a fan who thanked Owens for stopping by at his wedding party. Orton joked it was because they were serving dessert.



  1. It’s amazing how two wrestlers jabbing each other on the Internet is more entertaining than when the haters jab at them. As far as Goldberg goes,he would’ve been better off retiring after Survior Series 2016 as he had nothing left to prove (he didn’t even have nothing to prove before that).

  2. Orton- in shape but boring in ring and Mic
    Owens- not in shape but entertaining in ring and Mic

    Guess they’re even

  3. I sort of agree but I was also okay with his return. Everyone knew his age, and how much time he had off, and overall, his return looked okay mainly because they protected him knowing they didn’t give him enough ring ready time – it made him look like he was the quick match guy (which he already sort of was). He actually came out of the Lesnar feud way better than Lesnar. Eliminates Lesnar quickly, beats Lesnar quickly, wins the world championship and then it takes some time for Lesnar to beat him in their last match. I was surprised Lesnar was okay with that program but I heard he suggested it and pushed for it as he felt it would generate solid money for both of them. The bottom line is he (Bill) wasn’t happy staying retired because he wanted his kid and wife to be in the arena while he was wrestling at a big PPV and then since it was possible, at a WV, so although he didn’t have anything to prove, he has openly said he wasn’t doing it for that, or really for WWE, or for himself…he said he was doing it for his wife, child and the fans. Considering how he came out looking better than all involved, I think it became a good thing for Bill…and he earned a bit more retirement money and has more content on the Network all in the process.

  4. Great point,I just wished he held the WWE Championship instead of that Universal Championship. Plus,having his PPV streak (as far as one on one goes) along with never being beaten by Brock Lesnar end at WrestleMania 33 was in bad taste because Brock Lesnar already had a lot to brag about and it was kind of a bad way to remember Goldberg (as far as losing his last match goes). Still you great point and I’m glad he was able to wrestle again for his wife and child.

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