Survivor Series

Local advertising in the Houston area for WWE Survivor Series is now listing The Shield vs. The New Day for the PPV next Sunday according to

Roman Reigns is scheduled to make his return to television tomorrow night on RAW in Atlanta to reunite with The Shield since his absence the last few weeks. Reigns contracted the mumps and was replaced by Kurt Angle at the TLC PPV as a result. is also reporting that The Shield (Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose) are all scheduled to make an appearance at the Smackdown Live taping on Tuesday night in Charlotte as well to further hype the match at Survivor Series.


  1. You have to remember, though,that house show events are not always canon as 99.5% of the the time they are not mentioned on TV. This, however. part of the 0.5% of the time that house show events do carry over to TV. Another example is AJ Styles beating Kevin Owens to win the US Title at a Friday night house show at MSG then defending it against Owens on the subsequent episode Snackdown Live four days later.

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