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Update (4:48 p.m. ET): Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated is reporting that Vince McMahon approved the decision to remove Owens and Zayn from the remainder of the European tour in what was described as “conduct deemed detrimental to the WWE.” The report described the move as discipline for Owens and Zayn reportedly “going into business for themselves” on last night’s Smackdown Live that required editing.


According to multiple wrestling media reports, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn were both sent home by WWE from the company’s current European tour.

Owens and Zayn both appeared at last night’s Smackdown Live taping in Manchester, England, with Zayn taking part in a singles match against Kofi Kingston.

Reports by The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online and did not specifically state why the pair were sent home by WWE. According to a report by Pro Wrestling Sheet, it was believed to be some kind of disciplinary move.

WWE, Owens and Zayn have not commented publicly about the situation as of yet.


  1. I never understood the appeal of these 2 guys. They don’t look like main event players, nor do they look like they even go to the gym. Ok, Owens moves really well for the shape he’s in, but still. Keep them in the mid-card. Hard to believe we went from guys like Hogan, Savage, Warrior, etc, to regular looking guys you would see on the street.

  2. Perhaps that’s what the average fan today wants to see now? The idea that the average guy could be champion…

  3. But is that really a good thing though? I think doing this keeps the casual fans from tuning in. If you don’t have some star power and “larger than life” characters, then the product (and storylines) will be boring. I dunno… just seems like there’s way too many regular joes on the roster in recent years, & I think the product has suffered because of it.

  4. I have to say it looks like Owens doesn’t even try to get in shape. You made it to the big time, why not just put some effort in?

  5. I don’t disagree – I started watching over 30 years ago because of the larger than life characters … it seems that when smaller guys like Eddie and Benoit won the world titles at the same WM, the crowd responded and the shift began away from the larger wrestlers) I.e. Mysterio), etc. and because the audience keeps responding, talent has gotten smaller and less focus has been placed on physical appearance – not saying I agree but just an observation. If the audience responds live, WWE seems to adjust but that doesn’t mean that’s what will bring in the casual fan and although Vince seems to adjust based on reaction he doesn’t really listen to what the audience overall wants (I.e. Roman Reigns)

  6. Even going before that, most of the big names were in shape and big (height and weightwise). Hogan, Warrior, Demolition, Taker, Sid, Nash, etc. Nobody until people like Benoit and Rey, were really that small. But they are trying to do it today with guys like Balor (who weighs less than Enzo according to WWE), and Shinsuke who isn’t really in shape at all. Yes he’s skinny, but not in shape, per say. Than Owens and Samoa Joe who have never really gotten smaller over the years.

  7. I watched the promo and can’t really see what they got mad about, unless God for bid you “show up” Shane.

  8. I started watching in about 1982 and yes, the wrestlers that I was watching were mostly the bigger guys / bigger names in WWE but ironically, in NWA / Jim Crockett Promotions, it seemed a bit different than WWE (i.e. Flair, Dusty, Abdullah, Kevin Sullivan, The Rock n’ Roll Express, Bam Bam, One Man Gang, etc.) … those guys in most cases may have been larger than say Rey and Benoit but they weren’t in shape…perhaps if you wanted to be a big name and in WWF, that’s where you had to be big and somewhat in shape (height and weight-wise) so the more I think about it, that seemed to be a WWE thing BUT that was what pulled me into wrestling (in the 80’s) and then as you mentioned it has changed dramatically in recent years, to where WWE seems to have shifted to less focus on being in shape or guys who seem like they want to stay in shape, let alone commit to the gym…

  9. Other pages say that at the end of the match, Owens and Zayn were supposed to take a beat down from New Day, but they bailed quickly and hauled ass out, leaving the New Day scrambling for what to do. The whole end of the match was confusing and it looked that way on camera too. Luckily they were able to edit it before air, but if that were live, they would have been in bigger shit. Probably why they were disciplined. SD is usually live, and if they pulled it on a live show, they would have made the show look like crap. I love those two, all the way back to the ROH days as a team, but they really should n’t have done that on a SD broadcast.

  10. I’m not saying he’s ripped, but Owens is clearly taking better care of his body than he did prior to coming to WWE. You can tell that he has dropped some flab/put on some muscle. He’s not the best looking guy on the roster, but he has made improvements.

    That said, for some people it’s an issue of body type. No matter how he works out, KO may always look like he’s a bit overweight. And I have to say, I like that guys that don’t have the traditional wrestling body type can make it in WWE these days.

    Back in the 80s/90s, we had guys like Jake Roberts (and others)- not the most athletic but still incredibly talented/popular. Then for awhile, it seemed like you had to be built like a god to be anything more than a jobber. Nowadays, look certainly matters, but it seems like talent matters even more. Because of that, we get guys like Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, etc. on WWE TV.

  11. It actually was on the broadcast I saw – I read what they did on other sites and it was all left in – I.e. When Kevin Owens called to Sami let’s go, they were supposed to keep trying to attack New Day and then get bra down – apparently we saw it all on the show and they were supposed to go back in which is why New Day was confused and so it was something we wouldn’t know was suppose to happen even tho all was awkward looking so I’ll be surprised if they don’t get more disciplined as it’s basically like they did it live if WWE couldn’t really edit it to look different 🙂

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