Triple H

Paul “Triple H” Levesque made a surprise appearance at an ICW event earlier today in Cardiff, Wales addressing the audience in attendance.

Triple H was joined by current WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne in the ring, noting that the RAW crew was in town for a live event tonight.

You can check out a high quality clip below courtesy of ICW where Triple H talks about wrestling beginning in companies like ICW and PROGRESS.


  1. Say what you like about Trips; I know he’s been a burying machine in the past but you have to admit he gets the modern wrestling fan.

  2. Don’t be taken in ICW. WWE & this guy will steal your talent to try to bury you like they did to AWA & ECW and like they’re trying to do with ROH & New Japan right now.

  3. By ‘steal’ do you mean give them a ton of money and fulfill their dreams by working for the biggest company on Earth?

    Do you think there’s a single ICW talent that doesn’t dream of going to WWE already? Or do you believe they somehow hadn’t heard of the WWE until HhH showed up?

  4. LOL!!! Give a ton of money to. Fulfill their dreams.
    Go ask Tyler Reks about how much money the average WWE wrestler makes. Or ask Austin Aries & Alberto El Patron about how much money they made in WWE compared to how much they make on the indie circuit & Mexico. Ask Neville if WWE fulfilled his dreams. Now go ask Cody Rhodes if WWE fulfilled his dreams compared to where he is right now.
    Maybe WWE did all that at one time but not lately. Many wrestlers are either staying where they are (like the Briscoe Brothers) or going back to the indie circuit because it’s a better alternative to WWE these days.

  5. This is so odd. You think you’re so right but you couldn’t be farther from actually making a point. But you’re so blinded by some irrational hatred instilled in you by Dave Meltzer to hate WWE you can’t see it.

    This isn’t me insulting you, man. You’re .ing FASCINATING.

  6. And along comes another WWE mark who willfully blinds himself to the truth while defending all things Vince/HHH…

  7. It’s all about business right? Poaching talents.

    I mean the talents can choose not to get “stolen” if they can resist the temptation of the money that’s being offered to them.
    Whether it’s wrestling or football or MMA I think all involved hope to play or fight and make it in the big league which unfortunately not everyone can.

    For someone who hates WWE so much u sure knows what their MO are.

  8. How am I not making a point? You say WWE gives a “ton of money” to wrestlers from other companies “fulfill their dreams” and I gave you several cases that show that’s just not true. According to Tyler Reks, the average WWE wrestler’s take home pay after taxes & road expenses isn’t a lot at all. In fact, many make more money outside of WWE & outside of wrestling.
    Now read these articles also then come back to tell me that WWE is the greatest place to work in the industry.
    And FYI, I never read Meltzer’s articles or listen to him on YouTube. WWE has given plenty of reasons for me to hate them all on their own without listening to anyone else.

  9. I don’t begrudge any wrestler (or anyone else) the opportunity to make more money anywhere else but more & more often WWE just isn’t that place.
    I’m just cautioning ICW to beware that snake they let into their event to say otherwise. As for WWE’s MO, EVERYONE who’s been watching wrestling since Vince Jr. took over from his father knows how they operate. If you’re a true wrestling fan, you should hate the idea of a WWE monopoly as well.

  10. Which is EXACTLY why ICW shouldn’t be sharing its business with its biggest competitor by letting this poisonous snake into its event who’d gladly see them ruined if he could.

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