Triple H

WWE has released a clip of Triple H teaming up with The Shield (WWE RAW Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose) on Wednesday night.

Triple H, who will be appearing at a series of UK live events in the coming days as a replacement for Roman Reigns, teamed with Rollins and Ambrose against Bray Wyatt, Sheamus and Cesaro during the main event on Wednesday in Glasgow, Scotland.

If you attended the show, we are seeking live reports to

WWE released this video clip below.


  1. Oh brother, Ego H has feuded with all 3 of the Shield guys now he’s the other 4th member. Anything to keep himself relevant.

  2. You do realize he’s only there cause he had to fill in for Reigns cause he’s out, right? Or is that too logical for your brain

  3. Actually, no… what’s illogical is how all of a sudden Triple H is buddies with The Shield. Did I miss something, cause last I checked, Triple H was a heel and feuding with these guys. Its the same with how all of a sudden Alexa and Nia became friends again, without any explanation right after Nia turned on her. It’s poor, lazy writing. They are starting to retcon storylines & disregard continuity because WWE knows that most fans won’t care (or even notice).

  4. It’s a house show for goodness sakes. It’s not like this is part of an official storyline or anything. And even so, guys fued and then become buddies, and are buddies and then fued with each other over and over in the world of wrestling.

  5. Oh really, I seemed to hear he was supposed to be filling in for Kevin Owens. But now he’s on another brand and even though he’s the hated Authority figure feuding with Shield on Raw, he’s happily filling in as their other 4th member. Because there was no one else other than him to go in for Reigns right? *cough Kurt Angle cough* How that for logic? Vince McMahon & WWE thank you for your continued blindly loyal stupidity & ignorance.

  6. Because mere house show fans don’t follow Raw & SmackDown storylines right? Vince himself has said how low he thinks of wrestling fans because since he can’t remember what happened more than 2 weeks ago, the fans don’t remember either. Or like Rob here said, Vince & Ego H count on fans like you & Zach Whitless who either don’t notice or don’t care.

  7. Even if Kurt Angle was healthy, ready & willing to be in a house show match Superstars get injured all the time so in WWE’s mind if Triple H gets injured no one will miss him because he’s not on TV. Kurt Angle on the other hand needs to be on TV & is part of Survivor Series plus they will lose the storyline between Angle & Shane O’Mac.

  8. You are reading way more into this. It is very simple: Reigns was hurt, they needed a sub. Storylines are NEVER paid attention to for house shows because house shows arent meant to continue the television. They’re meant to just entertain the fans that are at the particular show. Let me ask another question: Did you actually watch the match? Probably not cause its not televised. If you didnt, then what are you whining about?

  9. Because this is yet another example of Ego H trying to stay relevant by hooking on to the hottest act in WWE at any given time, whether it makes sense or not. It may not have been televised but this site & most others are still talking about it.
    TV storylines may not always be strictly adhered to at houseshows but I wouldn’t say they never are. Many times they do have some semblance of what’s going on with Raw, SmackDown, Impact, etc… But this right here just illogically flies in the face of Raw’s current content. “Mere” houseshow fans pay attention to current storylines as much as those who go to Raw or SmackDown. WCW actually got fans upset with them for doing stuff like this at their house shows. The message being sent was: “What happened in your little hick town in front of you hillbillies doesn’t count. Nitro/Thunder butts in seats are more important than you.”

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