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As reported earlier, updated subscribers for the WWE Network were revealed on Thursday morning in WWE’s Q2 2017 financial figures report.

While WWE noted that with the help of the Network and live events segments helped the company achieve “its highest quarterly revenue to date”, overall WWE Network subscribers saw a decrease from the initial figures reported back in April.

As of Q2 2017, Network subscribers currently sit at 1.63 million subscribers. While this was an 8% increase from the same quarter last year, it was a drop from the 1.949 million subscribers WWE revealed in April following WrestleMania 33.

The 1.63 million figure was broken down as 1,158,000 domestic and 410,000 international according to a report by PWInsider.com. Paid versus free subscribers were not revealed. Compared to April, this was down from the 1,661,000 domestic paid and 497,000 international subscribers (broken down as 1,452,000 domestic/1,237,000 paid; 497,000 international/424,000 paid).


  1. I shouldn’t really be surprised. They were asking for it when they had Roman Reigns beat The Undertaker (along with everything else they’ve done since then).

  2. I don’t so much have a problem with Reigns beating Taker..but they didnt follow up on it as they should have.. They had all the cards in hand the Raw after Mania and they flopped, not turning him super Heel..

    The same can be said about Balor.. he had such a hype to him, and they floop floop flopped!

  3. It might be as simple as Wrestlemania wasn’t that great and people got pissed and cancelled. Then again Wrestlemania hasn’t really been great in a lot of recent years.

  4. Get over it…geez some wwe fans live inside this wwe is real bubble…its scripted dude…go shoot vince if u dont like it…booing the messenger is just stupid…u just made the list

  5. I’m not even mad. I was making reference to the “fans” being mad with that and everything else WWE has done since then.

  6. RAW and Smackdown Live is available (including the shows from this year). They just don’t upload the new episodes right away.

  7. Theres a 4 week upload delay due to a deal wwe have with Sky TV in the UK. It was a clause that Sky put into the contract years before the Network started. It was when wwe24 was about. And also thats why wwe network kept getting delayed in the UK as Sky was arguing clauses left right and centre, because they knew, eho would pay £20 for a box office ppv when get it live and other stuff for £10 a month? Soon as wwe put Raw and Smackdowm live on Network, Sky will loose a lot of money. To watch wwe in uk have to have full sky sports package at cost of £57 minimum. But they are a clever bunch, they keep changing what sports channels they show it on (sky sports 1, 2,3,4,mix etc).

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