Jinder Mahal

ESPN.com is featuring an interview with new WWE Champion Jinder Mahal where he talks about his release from the company back in 2014 and beating Randy Orton at Backlash two weeks ago to become the new WWE Champion.

On his release from WWE back in the summer of 2014:

“You cannot become complacent or comfortable. You can’t become lazy. Being released was one of the best things that ever happened to me. It sparked my passion and forced me to work harder. To become the WWE champion, you need confidence in yourself, in your ability. You have to have confidence when you speak. When you start to look backward, that’s when the confidence begins to weaken. That’s not me. Not anymore.”

On 3MB being a creative “mistake” and his post-WWE life:

“Lost my motivation. I was selling real estate on the side, and thought that if it doesn’t work out, I could just do that if I want to.”

On transforming his body over the years and being tested: 

“When I train hard, I look better. I see the way I look on TV or in the mirror, and it gives me confidence. It translates into the ring. I have more confidence and can be more aggressive. If you saw me from a few years ago, the confidence level is night and day, and that’s because of the way I look. I’ve been tested plenty, and never failed one.”


  1. “I’ve been tested plenty, and never failed one,” forces a raised eyebrow. It’s the weird vague specificity of it, and something I now expect to hear an apology for and a plea for forgiveness of when he gets busted. And that skepticism and cynicalness makes me sad.

  2. Jinder Mahal’s strory to the WWE Championship really is one of the absolute coolest things to see. As a fan, I want to see passion in the performers and honestly when Mahal cut that promo on Talking Smack prior to winning the no.1 Contendership, I could tell there was a fire under him I hadnt seen in a performer in a while. He has worked his butt off to get better and not bitter from his release. Is this title run primarily due to their partnership in India? Probably but it shouldnt diminish how hard Mahal has worked to get back in the company and get to the top spot. I am 100 percent rooting for the Maharaja!

  3. I’m still ok with the Mahal push, I just wish they didn’t take the lazy evil foreigner route. It’s 2017, that shit needs to stop. Especially when you have more and more overseas talent on your roster *not* doing a nationality gimmick. I mean, Cesaro isn’t coming out in Lederhosen and Nakamura didn’t get his name changed to Chop Chop Kickiface before his call up.

    (Side note, please ensure Kevin Dunn never sees this or he’ll get ideas)

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