John Cena

John Cena sent out a tweet on Tuesday night revealing he is currently in Atlanta, the site of tonight’s Smackdown Live, filming a movie role.

As reported earlier, Cena┬áhad tweeted that he would be in Atlanta and seemed to tease a possible appear on tonight’s Smackdown Live episode.

Cena’s tweet confirms earlier advertising that he would would be making an appearance at the Smackdown Live taping on July 4 in Phoenix, a double header for WWE in the city over Monday and Tuesday. It will be Cena’s first WWE appearance since WrestleMania 33.


  1. well not quite…Rock has quit wwe, ( you do know that everything is scripted right ? ) Cena takes some time off…he does deserve a LOT of credit and this time off is well deserved..11 years going strong/300 days a year…not many can say the same, not even the rock

  2. Well, now we have a rough idea of how long Jinder Mahal will hold the WWE championship.

  3. 4th of July, USA chants rampant, Cena returns, puts down Mahal ( insert implied racial dialogue), gets a title shot, Mahal wins (non clean of course) and “…shows great disrespect to America…”

  4. Not the point. He bashed the Rock for leaving for Hollywood and Cena is casually doing the exact same thing.

  5. Cena deserves nothing. He’s been handed the keys to the kingdom for over a decade, leeching off more popular wrestlers to keep himself relevant with the assistance from Vince McMahon. Cena is not missed and if Vince made an effort to book these shows better, no one except a small group of fans would care that he was gone.

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