Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes has been taking part in media interviews talking about spending the last year away from WWE and working for New Japan, ROH and independent promotions.

In an interview with USA Today, Rhodes talked about learning how to be just like his father Dusty Rhodes over the last year.

“For so long, I have tried not to be my dad, because that doesn’t sell tickets. That doesn’t help – to be a repeat, a novelty or a parody or a replication. Since he’s gone, I find myself in control of my own business and being my own boss. That’s where I’ve found that I am more like him than I ever realized. That’s been a fun thing to realize. Dusty was always his own boss even when he was in polka dots. It’s cool to feel him that way.”

In an interview with CBS Sports, Rhodes noted that despite saying he wanted to settle on one promotion soon, he may have spoken too soon.

“It’s probably not time to make a decision. But if I did make a decision, it’s just a matter of trust. There’s so little trust in pro wrestling. So little. And there should be. We all love this thing and want to put on the best show and fill all of the seats in the house. But it’s trust and being around people in the office that I trust. I trust every guy in the locker room for the most part. But it’s finding that top brass in most companies that I know, if I put my name on the dotted line, that I’ll be taken care of. Honestly, any offer that came my way I haven’t really looked at. My date book is still pretty deep — all the way through September. It goes everywhere. We’ll probably revisit it then.”


  1. Good for him! He made a smart move, and its been working out really well for him. He’s probably the top guy outside of WWE right now, and that includes the TNA roster which is pretty much an indy promotion now anyways.

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