JR thinks The Rock is done wrestling

The A.V. Club is featuring an interview with WWE Hall of Famer JR (Jim Ross) where he is asked about potential dream matches in wrestling that could still happen.

When The Rock was brought up as a possibility, Ross seemed doubtful The Rock would ever come back to have another match with WWE.

You can check out the full interview below.

Corbin replies to CZW wrestler

CZW wrestler Geoffrey Bravo put out a tweet on Thursday directed at WWE star Baron Corbin taking a shot at how he looks and Corbin, who wasn’t tagged, responded.


  1. I’d be careful saying that if I were Corbin. If he’s shelved in a few years he’ll be begging Jarrett for a job and debuting on Impact for $100/night

  2. May depend on how much he has saved by that point but totally agree that he should be careful in saying it (even in character) – I recall watching the NXT network training show and they were literally deciding whether to keep him or set him free. Abviously it was for the show but there was a lot of logic in deciding whether he would actually make it and so it seems he should be a bit more respectful of someone trying to chase their dream.

  3. How is name calling someone based around their physical appearance “chasing their dream”?

  4. The name calling part isn’t the chasing the dream part just like Baron’s comments about the guy being a non-wrestler because he isn’t in the big time yet isn’t representative of Corbin’s talent. Neither is right in what they said but I’m just saying Corbin didn’t have to imply people in the indies aren’t making things happen, as his insult seems to draw a pretty big net when if he was going to comment back he could have chosen a much more direct route 🙂

  5. You know how this works. You call someone out then you better be ready for what comes back. Sure Corbin is what, a month away from being on Twitter telling people how excited he is to be working for ROH or NJPW, but for now he is WWE, he is making the money and if some barely known indy wrestler tries to make a name by tagging him in a stupid comment then he deserves everything he gets.

  6. Why should Rock wrestle ever again? Like Batista, he found a better paying job with much better hours and a bigger audience for his talents. Besides, with all due respect to The Rock, his WrestleMania matches against John Cena weren’t exactly his best work. They weren’t Goldberg bad but still pretty bad.

  7. He didn’t tag him in the original tweet which is what seemed to surprise most people – that Corbin cared enough to comment (the dude himself mentions that in his reply) (someone must have told Baron or he watches what everyone online say’s about him? 🙂 — but I get your point.

  8. Yep, make fun of guys who are paying their dues only so you can whine about guys not paying their dues in 10 years down the road like a lot of bitter veterans do.

    With that said, it sounds like this Geoffrey Bravo is sexually insecure. Women are people and different people like different things.

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