Drug trafficking charges against former WWE and WCW star Sean “X-Pac” Waltman were dropped on Friday by the state of California according to a new report by

Pills that were confiscated from Waltman by authorities on his arrest back on April 29 that were believed to be meth/amphetamines were tested and wound up not being meth at all.

Since his arrest on April 29, Waltman has vehemently denied any wrongdoing, noting at the time that the pills confiscated were used to treat a yeast infection, nor that he relapsed back into doing drugs, other than marijuana.

Waltman was interviewed by TMZ Sports on Friday in a video clip seen below about the drug charges against him being dropped.


  1. Okay, if its just weed then whatever no big deal outside of being a GIGANTIC idiot for trying to get that over seas.

    Kind of feel like a bitch for all that shade i threw at him…time to go back to hearthstone/injustice.

  2. So they arrested him for possession of meth with intent to sell even though it was unproven he had meth at all?
    Hey California: SUCK IT!!!

  3. How I read it was that the pills werent anything illegal and that he does weed but didnt have it on him. I didnt go and read the detail but if he was taking weed onto a plane then he would have been charged.

  4. So as someone that has no intention of ever trying Meth, is their an easily identifiable way of what meth looks like ? Cocaine is a powder, Heroine is in a syrine, Marijuana is a plant but is meth in more forms then just…idk, blue shattered glass (my meth knowledge comes from GTA online and breaking bad).

    I can understand the arrest though for trying to go thru customs with Marijuana.

  5. U.S. Customs actually has a test kit, or at least they used to, for identifying illegal drugs at international airports. Basically, they put the suspected drug into a liquid medium to see if it is illegal drugs. For example, if they think someone is carrying meth, they put the drug into a test bag, break a plastic liquid vial in the test bag, and if it’s meth it will turn a certain color on the spot otherwise it’ll turn black for a negative reading. There’s also other test liquids which will turn other colors for identifying other drugs like cocaine, heroin, LSD, etc.. So if you’re going to arrest someone for carrying drugs and even tack on another charge of drug trafficking, someone there should’ve been damn sure that what XPac was carrying was indeed meth amphetamines. If they didn’t use a drug ID kit, they should have. If they did use one, someone incompetent seriously screwed it up.

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