Asuka sets undefeated record

Asuka surpasses Goldberg’s undefeated streak

Since debuting with NXT in August of 2015, current NXT Women’s champion Asuka has yet to be pinned or submitted, including to this very day. With the inclusion of televised and untelevised matches, Asuka has reached the milestone of 174 accumulative victories, surpassing the 173 set by Bill Goldberg in WCW during the late 90’s. Asuka took to social media to acknowledge and pay respect to Goldberg, who responded in kind.

Titus Brand charity popcorn

Over the last several months, Titus O’Niel has introduced us to his “Titus Brand”. As of late, he has taken Apollo Crews under his wing in a managerial role. Outside of the ring, Titus is well known for his charity involvement and he has taken his Titus Brand out of the ring to raise money for charity.


  1. I had assumed they wanted her English to improve first, plus there is nobody she can believably drop the title to. She should just surrender the title and move to Smackdown with a manager/interpreter.

  2. I don’t watch NXT so I have to ask:
    Is this a TRUE undefeated streak like Goldberg had or like The Undertaker had at Wrestlemania or is it some wonky-ass TNA “undefeated streak” a la Samoa Joe, Crimson, & EC3 where they lost several times (and even lost their title belts) but were considered “undefeated” anyway? When it comes to unbeaten streaks I’m a purist which means if they don’t have a perfect 0 in the loss column they aren’t undefeated. Does Asuka have a truly undefeated streak or is just some TNA-ish “undefeated streak?”

  3. From what I’ve seen, IF she has any losses, they’re in tag matches where she wasn’t the one pinned or submitted. But I don’t even know for certain if she has any of that kind of losses on her record as they’d be untelevised live event matches.

  4. this is an undefeated streak in the WWE/NXT. she probably has some losses in japan prior to her WWE career. i’m not 100% sure on that since i didn’t know her before her NXT debut.

  5. The only televised loss she has is in a battle royal where she was eliminated by Eva Marie before Carmella won the whole thing. Besides that she’s lost a few tag team matches on live shows but was never pinned or submitted.

  6. Wasn’t Goldberg’s streak heavily papered though? I thought that a bunch of his wins came from house shows that never even took place.

  7. Many of Goldberg’s wins did indeed come from untelevised house shows and yes those matches really did take place. Problem was, according to the book The Death of WCW, many diehard WCW fans kept fastidious track of Goldberg’s unbeaten streak while WCW didn’t always which angered some fans who felt disrespected when Goldberg’s wins in their home towns seemingly went unnoticed. That final total of 173 wins does seem to be the accepted total though some may have been overlooked.

  8. Eliminated by Eva Marie? Ouch. So, she doesn’t have a perfect 0 in the loss column even if it was only in a battle royal & some tag matches. Thanks Mr. Edwards, that’s what I wanted to know.

  9. Yes, Asuka’s streak is longer than Goldberg’s in terms of the number of days. Goldberg’s streak lasted 1 year, 3 months, and 5 days from September 22, 1997 (a win in his debut over Hugh Morrus on WCW Monday Nitro) to December 27,1998 (a loss to Kevin Nash at Starrcade 1998). As of today, The Empress’s streak has lasted 1 year, 7 months, 2 weeks, and 5 days from October 7, 2015 (a win in her debut over Dana Brooke at NXT Takeover: Respect) to May 26, 2017 (and counting).

  10. Asuka lost tag matches, and got tossed over the top rope by .ing Eva Marie in a battle royal, this streak does not even count! It’s more WWEvil bs!

  11. Not to be pinned or submitted are the key words here, that is not the same as undefeated! She lost matches, she didn’t beat anyone’s streak, WWEvil strikes again with their lies!

  12. 27.02.2016 World Wrestling Entertainment WWE NXT Women’s Title Fatal Four Way: Bayley (c) defeats Alexa Bliss and Asuka and Emma
    WWE NXT Live @ Highlands Today Center in Sebring, Florida, USA

    Here she is losing a fatal four way.

  13. If Goldberg had lost a fatal four way, I doubt even WCW would be stupid enough to still call him undefeated! WWEvil is lying to you!

  14. Thats not a streak, she lost other matches, you could say she never lost matches on the third Wednesday on a blue moon, a match is a match bro!

  15. Wrong. Charlotte’s pay per view streak was determined the same way. Her streak was based on singles as matches as well. It didn’t include the loss at Battleground 2016 because it was a tag team match pitting Dana Brooke and Charlotte against Sasha Banks and Bayley (even though Charlotte was the one that tapped out to Sasha).

    The only streaks WWE has ever included non singles matches in are Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak (Handicap match at Wrestlemania XIX) and Daniel Bryan’s losing streak on the first season of NXT (multiple tag matches).

  16. I looked further into it & you may be right. WCW empty suits, like Bischoff, may have indeed told the announcers to inflate the numbers but many WCW fans kept track of Goldberg’s undefeated streak independently so they cared more about accuracy than WCW did. That list I pulled up for Mr. Bastein, which is probably the most comprehensive anywhere, has the final total at 143-0 with at least 1 match overlooked according to a commentor which brings it up to 144.

    But regardless of the final total, Goldberg’s streak was one where he was truly unbeaten unlike Asuka who lost a battle royal & some tag matches.

  17. Even if it wasn’t as high as 173, since Goldberg had no losses at all during that time it is a true undefeated streak. A perfect 0 in the loss column is a true streak.

  18. One of Kevin Sullivan’s greatest accomplishments was making the world forget about Mongo

  19. It’s what they are, it describes them perfectly! I’m actually surprised nobody has thought of it before me! I should get a trademark on it!

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