Strowman post surgery photo

Braun Strowman post surgery photo

After feuding with Roman Reigns, it was revealed that Braun Strowman would need legitimate surgery for what is claimed to be a shattered elbow. It was reported by WWE that Strowman is expected to be out for six months. Strowman took to social media to reveal the after effects of his surgery.

Heyman discusses WWE reach

In addition to out of character thoughts on Finn Balor, Paul Heyman also discussed his thoughts on the reach of WWE. After his appearance on Raw, he was receiving messages from all over the world, including places as far away as Australia and he credits this to the the presentation of WWE and how they distribute their content.

So still, even to this day, it amazes me the sheer power of WWE’s distribution. Sneak into Grand Rapids, Michigan just to deliver a message on behalf of Brock Lesnar, and within moments getting texts and emails and messages from Australia (and dozens of other counties around the world)

I've preached about the three vitals in any entertainment project: Content – Finance – Distribution. (1) You need…

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