Rusev on why he missed Smackdown Live

Rusev, who was advertised to appear on Smackdown Live last night to address Shane McMahon and the WWE Championship, issued the following tweet explaining why he didn’t make an appearance on the show in Manchester.

Post-Smackdown Live videos

WWE posted these videos following last night’s Smackdown Live in Manchester.


  1. Rusev is no longer a big deal anyhow. Much like Koslov, Great Khali, Ryback, etc etc… all the big “monster” heels always start off dominant & then they become jokes or mid-carders. Braun Stroman will be next!

  2. Agreed. The only reason Rusev has been relevant recently was because Lana came out with him. Now that they seem to be splitting them apart so that Lana can compete in the women’s division, most won’t care if they ever see Rusev again.

  3. HA! XD You tell ’em Rusev! F*ck Shane McMannequin & all the rest of WWE’s booking idiots. They don’t give a sh*t about you anyway so give them the same treatment. “See you when I see you.” Yeah dude! And the Predators even won. =D

  4. So he shirked wrestling (his job) for a hockey game? Well,we’ll probably see him as a hockey player when his wrestling career is over.

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