Brock Lesnar is now advertising current WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar for upcoming Monday Night RAW TV tapings this June and July.

Lesnar is scheduled to appear at RAW tapings on June 12 in Lafayette, June 26 in Los Angeles, July 3 in Phoenix (go home show for RAW-only Great Balls of Fire PPV) and July 10 in Houston (the night after the Great Balls of Fire PPV).

Lesnar defeated Goldberg at WrestleMania 33 in Orlando to become the new WWE Universal Champion and hasn’t appeared on WWE television since RAW on April 3, the night after WrestleMania. No word on live event only appearances at this time.


  1. oh good, Crock Lesnar is back taking up air time jogging/dancing on the spot while someone else hypes a match for him, very repetitive and bores me to sleep fasther than a GTS would

  2. Yeah…i dont get all the hate on lesnar as that is the contract he was able to negotiate and wwe agreed too. If you want to be mad at anyone be upset with wwe for agreeing to the terma but as far as i am concerned i respect for being able a contract that is so in his favor.

  3. hate on lesnar is bcoz he is an non active wrestler who is a champion…wwe to blame yes, but this idea of putting over a part timer is just ridiculous

  4. In a lot of ways I see brock lesnar in the same vein as Floyd Mayweather. He rarely fights, has all the fanfare, talent, name recognition to fight on HIS terms.

    Even the way the people via’ing for brock was very reminiscent of combat sports (especially when Finn Balor said he was “going to get back me belt” was very reminiscent of Connor Mcgregor). While i do want to see more brock his style does lend itself to repeat viewing in quick succession but when his opponents are chosen correctly it can be special.

    Braun vs. Brock and Finn vs Brock make me blush (especially finn balor, the sexy chemo patient).

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