Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy replied to a tweet sent to him on Friday addressing if Billy Corgan had ended up taking over for TNA Wrestling during his attempts to do so late last year.

Hardy, who has been publicly denouncing Anthem, Ed Nordholm and Jeff Jarrett on Twitter in recent weeks regarding trademarks/copyrights involving his “Broken” character, held nothing back in what he thought about the current regime.

As reported back in January, Anthem Sports and Entertainment officially announced the purchase of TNA Wrestling and quickly moved to rebrand the company as Impact Wrestling going forward. Jeff Jarrett was brought back and a series of contract disputes started up with talent that had deals expiring including Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy and Drew Galloway.

Both Matt and Jeff Hardy would eventually opt out of re-signing with Impact Wrestling and made a surprise debut for Ring of Honor not long later. Anthem and Impact then started a crusade of sorts to prevent them from using the “Broken” likeness in ROH. As recently as last week, Reby Hardy suggested Impact has continued to “go after” her legally.

Matt and Reby Hardy have stated publicly they own the rights to the “Broken” term. reported last week that Impact Wrestling and Anthem (listed officially as TNA Entertainment) had applied for trademarks for the following terms on April 28: Broken Matt, Brother Nero, Vanguard1 and Broken Brilliance.


  1. I would have liked to have seen Billy get TNA, but by the same token, I think Anthem have made positive moves forward with the company. Production is getting better and the overall on screen talent balance is better. You can tell they know better what they are doing with Jarrett back in the fold than under Dixie. It’s a different direction to what a lot of fans would have liked, but the direction isn’t bad as such. I do however think the Impact name and the 6 sided branding is crap. I was happy when TNA went back to a 4 sided ring in 2010 and talent have said they prefer the 4 sides as well. A 6 sided ring doesn’t do enough for uniqueness when your company operates as WWE lite. The on screen product needs to be more edgy or mature or something to diversify it more than what you get right now. Their production techniques need to be different to WWE. Try something like making submissions more legitimate where if you get caught in one you have to tap out straight away, ala MMA. Something different. Anything.

  2. I don’t get what Hardy is saying when he says they’re “funding GFW into existence at TNA’s expense.” I mean, GFW barely had any kind of existence to begin with and while I’d rather not see GFW titles on Impact that’s pretty much all GFW is now, relatively meaningless titles on another show. Does Hardy know for sure that Anthem is looking to breathe new life into a separate GFW entity? Because if that’s the case that’s news I haven’t heard. Has anyone else heard anything about that? It seems to me that those GFW titles are just there temporarily until they’re combined into existing TNA titles the way WWF/E eventually did with the old WCW titles.

  3. matt does have a point, had corgan been given the ball the company looked set for a good run.
    credit must be given however, the product is looking pretty good with the current setup.
    methinks a lack of creative control up north is leading to the hardys being a little bitter.

  4. Doubt it, they were taking that stance immediately following their departure from TNA and I think they are looking at this WWE run as their last and perhaps may be their final run in the business and so I think they are more bitter by Impact fighting over something Matt played at least the major part in creating, he has trademarked and suing his wife (based on what was just mentioned) and I think most people would be at least bothered by that even if they were happy to be away from Impact. Personally, I think Impact had a great chance to re-boot (and still can) but it actually seems like they are trying to recreate their own past when that time has passed. On top of that, with all of the new talent, some of the misses in the ring make it look like a developmental scene that what it just was…just my opinion!

  5. The character was created while the Hardys were under contract with IMPACT if I’m not mistaken. Don’t get me started on Reby smh lol. Anyways, I also like the new wave of talent they’ve been debuting, production has definitely stepped up, due to Kevin Sullivan. So as a day one fan who went through all the phases from when it is NWA-TNA to IMPACT Wrestling. With what they currently have now, they have a nice strong mix of talent to do some really good shit. From a creative standpoint, they should really look to build really strong tag team division with LAX, VOW, Reno Scum, get creative with the team names ect. LAX is a stable, make VOM a stable as well. This is just me throwing ideas out there. IMPACT is in a really good place right now. True stories

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