Samoa Joe

During a recent appearance on Chris Jericho’s podcast, Samoa Joe revealed that a main roster spot was never promised by WWE officials when he first appeared for the company in NXT that later turned into an official deal.

Joe, who made a name for himself on the independent scene with Ring of Honor and later with a lengthy run in TNA from 2005-2015, made his NXT debut in May of 2015 and officially debuted on the main roster earlier this year in February.

Excerpt courtesy of WrestlingInc.

“I think the initial idea was, ‘let’s just bring him in for NXT’ and we got such a good response with everything that it kind of really blew up even beyond that and here I am on the main roster and really to the company’s credit, it wasn’t something that was set in stone. Like, the scenario that was laid out before me was like, ‘listen, we can use you here in NXT, but we don’t really think that it’ll go much beyond that.’ I really wasn’t worried. It was kind of a foot-in-the-door deal and I had a lot of good people rooting for me at the time.”


  1. True but it just sounds like WWE wanted him to come in, get a little more exposure on NXT and then possibly get to the main roster. He just had to earn it and not have it handed to him.

  2. Nobody who goes to NXT should ever be promised a spot on the main roster. Ever. You don’t want to be WWE, setting a false expectation for prospective talent that doesn’t happen, whether that’s because the talent fails to deliver, or the main roster creative staff fails to find something for them. You also don’t want the talent in question to half-ass it in NXT, thinking “I don’t have to bust my ass like everyone else here, because I won’t me here long and don’t have to prove anything.”

  3. Pretty much my thoughts exactly, the most anyone brought in to NXT should be promised is an opportunity to earn that main roster spot. Of course it could be argued that guys like Joe could’ve skipped NXT altogether, but the time in NXT can be useful, if only for the existing talent who get to work with them.

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