Emma inured European tour

Emma injured during WWE European tour

During a WWE live event in Liverpool, England as part of the European tour, Emma was injured during a six woman tag team match. As confirmed by www.f4wonline.com, Emma was involved in a spot with Sasha Banks involving the running double knees to the corner.

“Banks did the double knee spot and covered Emma, who was supposed to kick out, but didn’t. The ref counted to three and then waved off the call. The other four women in the match (Bayley, Banks & Mickie James vs. Alexa Bliss, Emma & Nia Jax) brawled and realizing Emma was hurt, Banks went to pin her again and the ref counted three again. She left under her own power holding her arm and shoulder.”

Emma recently returned to WWE television, having been advertised for several months as “Emmalina” which was ultimately scrapped in favor of her already established Emma character. Emmalina was planned to be, ironically, her return to TV from a previous injury to her back which required surgery.


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