Titus O'Neil

TMZ Sports is reporting that Donald Anderson has filed a lawsuit against WWE seeking damages in the amount of $1.2 million after an incident on May 18, 2015.

Anderson claims he was “seriously injured” after he was hired by WWE as a cameraman for the “Swerved” show on the WWE Network. He stated that while filming an electric chair prank for the show, WWE star Titus O’Neil was zapped and “lost his mind.”

The lawsuit alleges that O’Neil “kicked the camera out of Anderson’s hand” causing damage to Anderson’s hand, fingers and wrist. Anderson was then told to leave the premises immediately “in fear of the possibility of further attacks by Titus.”

Titus O’Neil has yet to publicly comment on the lawsuit.


  1. Okay I’m not saying that Titus or WWE are completely innocent in this but 2 things….

    1) you were hired for a hidden camera prank show in the vein of jackass. Didn’t it dawn on you something like this could happen?

    2).why have you waited almost 2 years to file your lawsuit?

  2. bit of an overreaction, maybe Titus has unknown health issue, bad experience with electricity or something

  3. Not really. You can file a lawsuit at any time, so long as you have the money to file for it. In all likelihood, the guy dealt with the pain for awhile, and it took awhile to him to think to have doctors take a real close look at it, and then to be referred to a specialist. Some of those visits, especially if you need to see a specialist, can take six-to-eight months to finally come around. Once they knew the extent of the damage, and realizing that he had a case, he could get a lawyer and begin to file the lawsuit.

  4. They don’t go into details, so I’m making a lot of assumptions here, but there could be muscular damage, and if the bones in the hand are broken, they’re not only painful, but notoriously difficult to heal. I think the price of $1.2 Million is a little much, but then again, health care is expensive, and I’m willing to bet that if he can’t hold a camera anymore and has to get insurance from anywhere else, that’ll be counted as a preexisting condition, which means his insurance costs just skyrocketed.

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