Reby Hardy

Reby Hardy issued the following tweet on Saturday suggesting that Impact Wrestling might be currently taking legal action against her. reported on Friday that Impact Wrestling and Anthem (listed officially as TNA Entertainment) recently applied for trademarks for the following terms on April 28: Broken Matt, Brother Nero, Vanguard1 and Broken Brilliance.

As reported earlier back in March, the official YouTube account for Impact Wrestling started adding a trademark icon next to any video including the word “Broken” in the title. This legal move took place prior to Matt and Jeff Hardy returning to WWE at WrestleMania.

As of March 26, Matt Hardy tweeted out that all “Broken” related trademarks were now officially owned by him and his wife Reby.

You can check out Reby’s tweet below.


  1. Cut your losses Anthem. You suck & you lost. Concentrate on making your shows less sh*tty instead of being a bunch of petulant asses going after 3 wrestlers you no longer control.

  2. exactly, you’d think she would realise everytime she opens her mouth shes just getting herself in trouble

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