Dash Wilder medical update

Dash Wilder medical update

Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson together make up the team of The Revival. Having teamed together on NXT and winning the NXT Tag Team Championship on two occasions, they were recently moved to the RAW brand after Wrestlemania. Unfortunately during a farewell tour of NXT, Dash Wilder was injured during a match and suffered a broken jaw. His partner Scott Dawson was interviewed to give an update on his condition.

What's the latest on Dash Wilder's medical condition? "Top Guy" Scott Dawson has an injury update!

Posted by WWE on Friday, 5 May 2017

Austin and Undertaker featured in WWE comics

BOOM! Studios are producing a series of WWE comics, starting with the inaugural WWE comic, “WWE: Then. Now. Forever. #1. WWE.com is featuring a preview of this comic with a look at pages featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker.


  1. cant Dawson wrestle singles? or is whole team off tv? maybe he could re emerge in NXT with a new NXT TV title and keep it until Dash returns, then both on Raw and a new title has a solid 1st champ and 1st reign

  2. WWE already tried to start up their own comic book series featuring several of their wrestlers through Chaos Comics from 1999-2001 and the art was WAY better.

  3. Was that the series when HHH’s evil brother tried to take over the world through WWE and they straight-up murder Chris Jericho because Jericho thinks the idea is stupid?

  4. No, HHH has no evil brother. It was HHH himself who came up with the idea. XD
    But seriously, if I remember correctly, The Undertaker had a limited run co-starring Paul Bearer & Kane, Steve Austin had a 4 issue mini-series, then The Rock, Mankind, & Chyna all had 1 shots. I have them all stored away somewhere and even have The Undertaker’s autograph on issue #1 of his series & Kane’s autograph on one where he was on the cover. Undertaker’s series was really good and the art was great! Mankind’s one shot was pretty good too. The others…..well they were just made because of their popularity & I just got them for the collector’s value.

    But these new books WWE is commissioning look like the comics equivalent of the Network, trying to capitalize on the popularity of the distant past but in much lower quality. I will not be getting these.

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