WWE Live

Light WWE Live schedule before overseas tour

Outside of NXT events, no WWE Live events are scheduled for this weekend heading into the Payback PPV this Sunday night in San Jose.

After Payback and TV tapings, the company will head out immediately for an overseas tour. Here is a look at the upcoming schedule through the week.

* Live event in Orlando, Florida tonight (April 29)
* Live event in Southaven, Mississippi (April 29)
* Live event in Phoenix, Arizona (May 4)
* Live event in Gainesville, Florida (May 5)
* Live event in Riverside, California (May 5)

* Payback PPV live in San Jose, California (April 30)
* RAW taping live in Sacramento, California (May 1)
* WWE live event in Stockton, California (May 1)
* Smackdown Live/205 Live taping in Fresno, California (May 2)
* Live event in Rome, Italy (May 3)
* Live event in Bologna, Italy (May 4)
* Live event in Glasgow, Scotland (May 4)
* Live event in Cardiff, Wales (May 5)
* Live event in Dublin, Ireland (May 5)

WWE tryouts in Dubai

WWE has posted a clip from the recent tryouts in Dubai.