Matt Hardy declares DELETION

Matt Hardy: “DELETION is coming”

Current WWE superstar Matt Hardy returned to the company after a several year absence. During his time away, he adopted the persona of “Broken Matt” along with Jeff Hardy becoming “Brother Nero” during their time with Impact Wrestling. Since their departure from Impact Wrestling, there have been legal disputes over the rights to the “Broken” title. Matt took to social media to seemingly suggest that these issues may soon be resolved.

Seth Rollins reflects on himself and Samoa Joe

This Sunday, Seth Rollins will face Samoa Joe in a 1 on 1 match at the Payback PPV, after feuding for the last several weeks. Joe injured Rollins during a confrontation on Raw in his debut, which almost cost Rollins a spot at Wrestlemania for the second year in a row. Seth took to social media to reflect on the history that he and Joe have together as he prepares for the match at Payback.


  1. I never really watched TNA when Matt was doing the gimmick there, and I have my doubts that he created it 100% himself, but I guess only he and TNA know the truth. Regardless, McMahon has a good history of taking an established character or personality, and by calling it his own, making it huge! Don’t forget though, just a few years ago a lot of internet wrestling fans and former followers of the Hardy Boys, we’re calling Matt “fat,” and Jeff “a washed up druggie,” so now all of a sudden, everyone’s behind them? Don’t get it. I still think Jeff is pretty limited, but Matt could be decent whether or not he uses that gimmick.

  2. Well Rollins just put himself back in the dog house by referring back to ROH.

    Also, I thought Matt Hardy has already said that he fully owns all rights to his Broken nonsense.

  3. Hardy is an idiot. I heard ‘Broken’ Matt on there, in full character going kayfabe on what generally is a shoot interview show. And obviously Jericho felt obliged to play along. It took about 15 minutes to turn it off and thank God TNA had the rights….until now. I hope it flops, but the sheep in the crowd who try and drag as much attention away from the actual hard working performers, have been chanting ‘delete’, So I think we are stuck with it.

    Heelp up Obi Wan McMahon…You’re our only hope..

  4. If Vince McMahon and WWE allow Hardy to fully keep the rights to his broken gimmick I will be highly surprised.

  5. I believe he owns the rights but WWE is covering themselves with Impact to avoid future lawsuits as Matt still was working for TNA at the time and a work for hire arguement can be made if no agreement noted otherwise and it probably turns into who the judge agrees with – was he created it for TNA or does he trademark approval override all of that.

    Seems WWE isn’t comfortable rolling the dice and based on Matt’s own words that he hears he will soon be releasing the Broken Universe I think WWE wants to fully own the rights (whether paying Impact and/or Hardy) before proceeding 🙂

  6. Ironically, The Hardy’s are of the small group of Wrestlers who could financially fight a promotion and stay the course – although without WWE they’d have to decide what the brand is worth before dumping in too much of their own money – this route works better for them but they may lose the rights for th Indy circuit if they keep
    Wrestling after this WWE run so hope it works out for them overall!

  7. You mean the only hope of those who “don’t” enjoy it and also perhaps the only “hope” of those who do? So it’ll come down to which group Vince thinks is greater and given the massive merchandise potential involved, I think we know why he is pushing to bring it to life in WWE. I was at WM and the pops for and delete chants were the biggest thing (by a mile) going on by a large majority and not just a few vocal people! Ps. I’m not a big Broken fan and can certainly live without WWE’s version of it but it’s also the most over thing right now so if the majority want it, prepare for it to begin! And really if most of your customers are asking for a product…

  8. Since when has WWE accommodated what or what not the fans ask for? Anyway, the gimmick may be popular and it may sell merchandise, but Hardy is a knob.

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