Great Balls of Fire

The official Twitter account for the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas just announced that WWE will present a new Pay Per View called Great Balls of Fire on July 9.

The announcement, which revealed this would be a RAW brand event on the WWE Network, will feature Brock Lesnar’s first title defense as WWE Universal Champion.

You can check out the official announcement below.


  1. This… CAN’T be a real Pay Per View…

    Also… screw Brock Lesnar as Champion. I guess we don’t need the damn champion on TV all the time.

  2. Who the hell thought that was a good name for an event that the talent and announcers are going to be referring to thirty times a show?! That’s really terrible. If you needed an Independence Day tie-in that damn bad, just bring back the “Great American Bash”. FFS.

  3. Seriously. The hype segments on their TV programming are going to be interesting, to say the least.

    Cole: “Join us on July 9 to see Great Balls Of Fire on the WWE Network!”

  4. I absolutely despise the fact that the “defending” champion doesn’t fight for 3 months. This isn’t the UFC. Goldberg was not championship material, but this is ridiculous.

  5. I don’t know what’s more insane. That Roid Assner gets to hang another title on his coat rack for another 3 months or that stupid name. This company has lost all its marbles.

  6. April, May, June,July…Ok if Brock is money, but there are no more PPV’s and he doesn’t turn up on Raw hardly, what is the point of him being champion? Where is the money making element here? There is no central focus for Raw except Strowman tipping cardboard ambulances and Ambrose DDT’;ing people in comedy spots. It was bad enough last time he was champ, but this makes Gilbergs light weight title reign look epic.

    Also great to see a JLL song named for a PPV on the network. I guess Impact has got all the rights to Phil Collins songs….

  7. I think its obvious Bruan Strowman will face Lesner at this soon to be forgotten ppv but the less we see of Lesner the better for Bruan. Lesner is a special attraction. The IWC hate “part timers” more heat for Lesner and legit reason to cheer for Bruan

  8. So what happened to that “Title has to be defended” rule they have used to strip people of the strap?

  9. No, we don’t. The United States title has become so much more important now than it used to be.

    The WWE title shouldn’t be defended every PPV, either. A title defense should be a special occasion, not something that happens once or twice a month.

  10. I think Vince is now trolling his own guys now. Just imagine his main eventers trying to say with a straight face, “at Great Balls of Fire, I’m going to kick your ass and take that title”. And Cole and Graves trying to put over the fact you can watch Great Balls of Fire on the WWE network for $9.99.

  11. With very few exceptions, many wrestling fans & even many of the wrestlers themselves hate part-timers.

  12. Ummm…well there is Genisis named after the band and There is Against all odds and pretty sure there is another song they sung,

  13. It Was 30 Days But I Think They Got Rid Of It Or In Their Minds The Rule Don’t Apply To Part Time Wrestlers If That Is The Case Then Brock Lesnar Dosn’t Need To Be Striped Of The Title

  14. Hmmm, thought I’d replied to this. Against all odds…there is another, but don’t forget Genesis, they named that one after his band, of course there was No way out, But WWE got that name

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